Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Save Lake Eola Park Petition

One of the very few parks left in central Florida and maybe all of Florida where a pet lover can walk with their pet in peace and enjoy the day with friends and Florida is about to chop this off and hand it off to developers?
Notice that it was just on the news today, the morning of the vote a 'Cruel trick' on the public used often by our public official after the checks are already in the mail!

Local group fights high-rise proposal in Lake Eola Park

City planning board to discuss proposal Tuesday

UPDATED 7:22 AM EDT Jul 21, 2015

The new tower would go up at East Central Boulevard and North Rosalind Avenue but the project has strong critics who plan to make their presence known Tuesday in front of the city planning board.

The 28-story high-rise is designed to have residential units, shops, restaurants and a parking garage. It is the brainchild of Chicago developer Mark Bortz, who owns the two buildings that would be taken down to make way for the high-rise.

The proposal also includes outdoor seating, a water wall and other park enhancements.

But a group called Save Lake Eola Park Park said the land that the new building would take up was deeded from St. Luke’s Cathedral to be used as a public park only.

The development is ultimately subject to City Council’s approval after the municipal board reviews it.

The city planning staff recommended that the proposal be approved, but only under 10 pages of conditions, including everything from trees to lighting. They are meeting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday to discuss the proposal.

City leaders could approve new high rise buildings near Lake Eola

Janai Norman WFTV News Reporter Orange County Two New High rise on Lake Eola

One 26 stories high the other 28

Voting on this morning?

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