Sunday, February 24, 2019

Do not fertilize your garden with pet waste

When we moved into this house 
our family, friends and neighbors
told us that this tree was dead,
a few wanted to chop it down for us;
Donna had a “Hissy-fit’!
This is that dead tree today.
Every bird in central Florida calls the tree home!

a stop over on the way to our feeders!
Do not fertilize your garden with pet waste 
because it can kill you!
if you are finding it hard or messy 
to rid yourself of pet waste; 
fertilize your trees, bushes and flowers 
by also adding it with your fertilizer?
Waste not want not as the old saying goes
I am a packrat however I am also a triple ‘A’ Workaholic 
that his heart keeps reminding him, slow down and live!
Those juice containers that are plugging up our waste dumps 
recycle bins make ideal squirrel proof bird feeders.
I offered a ‘free tip’ to this ‘orange juice company’, twice 
on a great advertising marketing and each time
I was brushed off so no names please!
As long as the opening is away from the window 
it drives our squirrel’s nuts.
I have nothing against feeding squirrels, 
up north I would feed them while feeding our birds.
Not in Florida, 
Floridian squirrels do not share;
 they eat all of the bird seeds and then go to the squirrel feeders, 
so no more squirrel feeders!
Two windows with squirrel proof bird feeders.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Black Bears in Deland Florida

Welcome to our visitor from across the St. Johns River in Deland, Florida.

To our pets, my boss’s, blog.

(Ursus americanus floridanus) Florida Black Bear
I know that most people in and around your area do not believe but fear your neighbors.
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showing this, 
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