My old tripod website is out dated

My old tripod website is out dated and should be taken down however, tripod will not allow me to or help me to do this?

Interesting blogs about Airedales. The Adventures of Oscar the Airedale

Airedale Terrier Bloggers

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I have been using some of the information on this my Google Airedale blog a good clean free program and great to work with, for me.
Breanna is now a two year old Airedale and still considered a puppy, her Airedale mother and father are called champions, I have seen some of the things that dogs must go through for years and our baby will never have to worry because, instead she is a strong part of this family, if she is not welcome someplace, our money is also not welcome!

She has had no contact with her mother and fathers families, not because we have not been trying?
We would love to put Breanna up against all of her brothers, sisters and cousins in a fun show and tell?
To check out her daily meals, doctor care and exercise go to her mommies Google blog.
Her doctor, grocery store, neighbors and pet store's want to come back as her roommate when they die.


Shirlee, Jon, Mommy (Donna) Daddy (Walkingfox) and I attended the Walk for life at the
Leesburg high school, Leesburg Florida for Sabrina, Mommy and Shirlee 05/07/2010
From our Leesburg Democrats Club, For the American Cancer society.
Donna Walkingfox and I now wish to give a heartfelt thank-you to Shirlee Greider of our Democrats Club and Diana Schwartz- Community Representative.
Daddy would like to thank all of the people that showed Donna, me (Breanna) for her sister-Sabrina, how much they understood this love.

Thank-you, for their understanding of our hurt after the loss of our beloved Sabrina to Cancer!
Last but not least a Thank-you to the Daily Commercial newspaper.

The only news media caring enough to come join our cancer relay for life!
This paper sent us an angel with a kind understanding heart.
Sabrina, Breanna's, Mommy & Daddy

I believe that if the American Cancer Society could find a way to make it possible for any pet to walk with their pet lover's in memory of their beloved pet or because of their beloved pet, many more people will willingly walk their walks!

Insurance companies need to understand!
Think about this if your grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife, grandchildren, friend or neighbor have cancer, you will walk for them!
Why should a company be able to tell you that you cannot walk with your pet?
Donna, Breanna and Walkingfox walked the relay for life in memory of our beloved Sabrina.
2010 Relay For Life of Leesburg, FL
Welcome to the Relay Nation
Sabrina you will never be forgotten, we will continue to push to let pet lovers know of the real danger of trusting all Veterinarians.

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