Friday, October 26, 2012

Black bears are on the move

State: Bear calls up, but residents need to live with it
Florida black bears, driven by instinct to fatten up for the coming winter, are roaming neighborhoods near Blue Spring State Park, digging into garbage cans and prompting state officials to remind residents how to live with bears.
Black bear spotted in Altamonte Springs neighborhood
Neighbors contacted WFTV after seeing a black bear in an Altamonte Springs neighborhood Saturday morning.
The black bear was spotted outside of a home on Oak Gate Circle around 10:00 a.m. Saturday.
“If at the first site of a bear, people will lock up their garbage and bring all pet food and wildlife attractants inside, the bear will move on.
But the longer people tolerate the bears, the harder it is to get rid of the problem because the bears will keep coming back” said Joy Hill, a commission spokeswoman.

Witches and Warlock

I got this Witch under control dad!

I can't wait for the kiddies to show at the door, I hope that I get a lot of visitors again this year!

This Halloween, I am going to get some of the goodies that the children at my door get or this is what is going to happen to somebody!

What's a Warlock?

Thursday, October 25, 2012


This website is basically speaking to the humans on this planet, how much of this chemical is also going into your pets without your knowledge?
Makes you wonder don't?
Well I think that is a good thing, wonder what the chemical companies like Monsanto, are doing to us and our pets!
Carrageenan is a commonly used food additive that is
extracted from red seaweed by using powerful alkali
solvents. These solvents would remove the tissues
and skin from your hands as readily as would any acid.
Carrageenan is a thickening agent. It's the vegetarian
equivalent of casein, the same protein that is isolated
from milk and used to thicken foods. Casein is also
used to produce paints, and is the glue used to hold
a label to a bottle of beer. Carrageenan is the magic
ingredient used to de-ice frozen airplanes sitting on
tarmacs during winter storms.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween party Airedale style.

The Sarasota Polo Club and our Airedale club were kind enough to invite the members to a Halloween party Airedale style.

The Sarasota Polo Club at Lakewood Ranch in Sarasota, Florida.
Every Sunday afternoon during season, the public is invited to bring out their picnic baskets and enjoy the thrill of the “fastest game on four feet”. With pony and Clydesdale wagon rides, exciting action, tailgating, half-time entertainment, divot stomping and plenty of fresh air, Sunday polo is the perfect place for a family outing; dogs are even welcome on a leash.
Experience Sarasota Polo – the best kept secret on the West Coast of Florida!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Why should dogs still be digging holes?

Why Dogs Dig and What You Can Do
This is an ongoing dispute in our household and I am sure in many others.
She thinks that it is a dogs god given right to dig, (we have an Airedale) because their ancestors had to dig to survive.
Some wild dog relatives, like foxes and wolves, dig dens to raise their young. Sleeping in a den protects the young pups from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) and from predators.
Why should dogs still be digging holes?
My answer is, “ if you want her to keep digging like her ancestors did centuries ago, go build us a cave like your ancestors did centuries ago, set up housekeeping in it and she can dig just like her ancestors did”?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

OK, I rest my case with this photo!

Living proof that Airedales are spoiled as much as if not more then our children and grandchildren?
We were beginning to think that, although she deserve it, we spoil Breanna far too much.
You got to love a family like this.