Monday, February 18, 2013

Snow Birds have arrived

We have had our yearly visitors down from New England for a few days now and this is the first time that I was ready for them, well sort of :-(

As you know, I am getting my old computer on line and ready for vacation, my new computer works great however, it is real bashful, it does not like to go on line while away from home? The old girl, however, has no pride, she will go on line any place. :-) Both are Sony Vaio laptops?

I'm talking about the American Golden finch and the American Robin, the robins have been down for about a month and only requite a daily refill of the two birdbaths. The PIGS, I mean finch, on the other hand keep inviting their friends, neighbors, relatives and their cousins the sparrows, OH DARN!




This year while building those new types of feeders I also made a few mini feeders just for the finch food thinking that I would fool them, the only ones being fooled are our normal native birds and none of them are use to taking a ticket and waiting in line to eat. I now have ten assorted feeders around the house and could use ten more. Breanna, Donna and I spend half the day enjoying the sights and the other half keeping the squirrels in check, RETIRED? WHAT is RETIRED? :-)

Breanna is not going to make it without a lot more oxygen, she just keeps running from room to room, window to window, sleeps well though at night.

Oh well bring on the vacation, the old girl is rearing to go to work. :-)

We may not make it until vacation time, birds are happy. :-(

Saturday, February 2, 2013


If you want to make a Birdfeeder like mine and think that you do not have the time, I just made a shorter version two days ago that is working just fine at our sunroom window, I only have one so far, until we empty another water jug.

 Less fighting with more feeders.

A hook on the painted (paint your own color just remember that red or yellow and hummingbirds think that it is their feeder) upside down bucket, then drill a hole in the cap to the clear water jug for a wire or string. Cut out the label on just one side big enough for the birds to eat comfortably remembering to leave room for the seeds not to fall out, my clear water bottle has a label on only one side which works great because the back side is clear for watching from the window into the feeder while birds eat.

Drill a hole in the middle of the bottom of the water jug for a wire or string to a smaller upside down bucket painted.

Hang it just like the other one opening facing out so that a squirrel cannot jump in from the window side.

If the squirrel tries to jump up from the ground the bottom bucket stops him, if he tries to step down from the roof the top bucket moves and he falls off.

Update on that new birdfeeder, from 01/19/2013.

I thought that I would make it easier for bigger birds to land on something while eat the seeds, the green landing platform outside of the opening to the seeds.

No tail jumped on that in no time and turned it into his/her own feeder so I remover it that same day. That was back on Sunday the 20th.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Bird Feeder