Monday, October 28, 2013

Pets not welcome

Welcome to my visitor from the Texas Christian University


City Fort Worth Texas

To my posting about my stops at hotels, motels and Inns while on teaching/travels around Indian country.

This subject needs to be addressed, how be it as delicately as possible, because it is another question about religion many Native Americans want to understand?

Pets welcome, NOT!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”~ Mahatma Gandhi.

Islam and animals

The Qur'an strongly enjoins Muslims to treat animals with compassion and not to abuse them.

The animals, together with all creatures, are believed to praise God, even if this praise is not expressed in human language.

Once again, I am not allowed to judge however, if I were to question?

"What happened to the teaching of the Quran and/or the teaching of one of the greatest people to walk this planet"?

Indians, Dot not Feathers, to me would seem to be leaving their religion at the border while working in this country?

While on these many travels and pulling into a 'pet friendly' hotel, motel or Inn and state that we have a pet, Breanna has traveled all over with no mishaps and makes friends at every stop however, the look on the faces and the treatment at some stops still tell the true story and we must wonder if this is known to the main office?

Come to think about it the Holy Bible, your words not mine? Teacher to love all of Gods creation yet Christians are killing everything on the planet at well?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Travel With Your Pet


Pet Friendly Travel Guide: Travel With Your Pet

Whether you’re looking for pet friendly places to stay, or a beach where your dog can run off-leash, or a restaurant where your pet is welcome.® provides a wealth of pet travel information about pet friendly hotels and lodging, campgrounds and RV parks, beaches, recreation, restaurants and bars, air travel, airports, and more.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

America's Oldest Veteran Lives in Austin.

What Happened to Him Yesterday Will Make You Smile.

May many blessings from Kiehtan (GOD) shower down to Josh Mayou, a Home Depot manager and all of the volunteers then overflow throughout East Austin this day because of this marvelous act of kindness!

Home Depot manager and leader of the project, said the project was the third of five in the area being renovated for veterans.

Funding was provided by the Home Depot Foundation, and volunteers for the one-day work sessions came from a variety of sources.

Volunteers have a long list of projects, Mayou said, so workers hoped to finish it all Thursday. Besides the refrigerator and the windows, the team fixed the bathroom, painted the walls, rebuilt a fence and repaired the porch where Mr. Overton likes to pass his days.

A diverse group of volunteers braved the heat Thursday to upgrade the residence of 107-year-old World War II veteran Richard Overton – the country’s oldest living World War II veteran.

The East Austin house has been Overton's home since he built it in 1945, when he returned from war. And though he’s done some upgrades over the years, it was beginning to have some serious issues: broken windows, a failing refrigerator and more.

107-year-old Richard Overton relaxes on his front lawn. Yesterday, dozens of volunteers fixed the East Austin home Overton’s lived in since 1945.