Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nick Wiley, "Speak with Forked Tongue!"

Wildlife officials approve weeklong bear hunt in Florida

By now most of you already know what animal lovers in Florida knew for about two years.

Surprise, surprise, Surprise!
"Money talks and the public's voice gets stomped under by the payoff!"
Nick Wiley, the head of Fish and Wildlife Commission,
 "Speak with Forked Tongue!"
is a
"Big Fat Boldface Liar!"
Because he promised, Absolutely

Not more they one year ago, of course this was before money started floating around all over South Florida.


No hunting will be in or around this wealthy gated community that keeps feeding bears and leaving trash and dog food out at night!

The hunting will be in woods of the "Innocent Black Bears!"

They arrived at the Sarasota Hyatt Regency in dress clothes, camouflage ball caps and weatherproof fishing shirts. One wore a fuzzy bear costume. Sometimes they were civil, ticking off statistics as to why hunting black bears is a good or bad policy. At other points they were biting, heckling a 15-year-old girl and tossing around words like blood, carnage and corruption.

"Some good ol' boys already had their minds made up," said Avery Cobbs, 48, of Orlando, who wore the bear suit. "Unfortunately it didn't matter, and it's a huge loss."

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission executive director Nick Wiley said after the 5-1 vote that he thought the commission did the right thing. The approval means Florida is set to have a one-week, daytime bear-hunting season in four regions in October for the first time since 1994.

"It was a really tough decision for the commissioners," Wiley said. "I believe they listened to a lot of passionate input."

About 80 people spoke at the meeting during a comment period that stretched over six hours. One woman said she wore red to symbolize the blood of bears, another taped a sheet of paper to her chest with only two words: "Dead Bear."

"This public wants you to keep your grubby mitts and guns off of black bears," said Carol Abarbanell, 68, of Englewood.

Sunday, June 14, 2015



"Global warming and polution are the direct results of 200 years of destroying the natural landscape and industrial wastes. We will not feel the impact of todays continued destruction for another 50 to 100 years. Can our children live with the results of our bad choices? Yes; it's that serious!"

Statement of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 1975

A handfull of men at thier most assinine, know of a problem, ignore it. They will doom us all...

W. Churchill

The Green Swamp is recognized by the State of Florida for it's ecological and hydrological importance. Why do our county commisioners disregard our wetlands in favor of dead presidents?

Lake Juliana and Lake Mattie both lie entirely within the State of Florida's boundary of the green swamp Eco-region, and has been declared the Green Swamp area of critical concern because of it's importance to our water supplies. Yet county commisioners approve development after development. Juliana's shoreline has been attacked by development for the past 20 years, rendering the lakes natural shoreline plant life nearly gone. Now the county and developers plan attacks upon Lake Mattie. The pressure of short term gains of developers dollars will distroy this precious oasis of wildlife, plant life and water. We cannot count on the county commisioners to do the right thing, WE MUST FIGHT TO SAVE IT...

Lake, Polk, Sumter, Pasco, and Hernando counties and their cities, development interests have successfully petitioned for land use changes, that allow urban developments and roads in the Green Swamp Area of Critical State Concern at densities and intensities that threaten the continued viability and functioning of the Green Swamp Ecosystem.

Lake Mattie wetlands shoreline:

This natural community supports populations of an estimated 330 species of wildlife and nearly 400 species of plant life. Among this population are more than 35 threatened species or endangered species, including the Florida Black Bear, Florida Scrub Jay, Wood Stork, and Florida Panther. Widespread species such as white-tailed deer, bald eagle, wild turkey, alligators, bore, and numerous songbirds and wading birds are also present. Habitat loss at record numbers put each of these species in precarious positions. Lake Mattie and the Green Swamp provides serenity and seclusion for quiet observation and study of a variety of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, invertebrates, and amphibians within the natural landscape. At one time, Florida's wetlands were all but given away in order to promote development. Today, with a tremendous knowledge of the importance of these fragile Eco-systems, organizations and the state try to save these lands, but developers have the commisioners on it's side. The increase in populations and a booming building industry pushes developers to subdivide these naturally sensitive lands because they sell consumers on owning a small tract of natural beauty. In fact they are destroying exactly what they sell. Ever notice how subdivisions are named after what they replaced? Small tracts with well manicured lawns and sandy beaches are not natural here, and are detrimental to the ecology of the area. This is the new crime of the century. Minimum 10 or 20 acre lots with 50% natural growth is far closer to the truth of what the developer is trying to sell than what they acually sell. We cannot count on the commisioners who value every development in "the amount of dead presidents it generates yearly", to stop the destruction. The citizens must take on the fight and fight hard to preserve our natural resources.

Learn more about the Green Swamp ecology by visiting or and let the Polk County Commisioners know that we expect them to help us preserve our wetlands, not extinguish them.

Call 863-534-7600 ext 273

Learn more about how you can help visit

Board of County Commisioners recent meeting agenda.

Petitioned by Walker Groves Inc. Jere Stambugh owner to change state development guide for land development in "Green Swamp area of Critical Concern" from Agricutural / Low Residential to High Residential / Suburban Vote: 6-0 in favor Land in question: 88 acres of criticle swamp habitat on the east side of Rt 559 south to Cone Rd. (Plan calls for a very small portion to be used as preservation land, the remaining to be developed high density. Saving a small portion of the land for preservation is a ploy used by property owners and developers to increase density on larger portions of the land) Polk County BoCC web site and hearing results:


Comment made by your Polk County Board of Commisioners President when a citizen brought to the boards attentions that an eagles nesting site was in a tree on the property they were holding a public hearing for on Juliana's north shore. "This eagles nesting site is of no concern to this board"


1. Speak out ! Contact board members, go to hearings and voice your opposition to over development. MAKE SOME WAVES. 2. FIRE THE COUNTY BOARD. Elect environment minded members to the board. Elect board members that have no personal business with development. 3. Boycott business' that pillage the land for profit. 4. Contact your state environmental agencies and non- profit organizations to change existing rules and increase preservation lands in critical areas. Whats the pupose of "state areas of critical concern" if county boards can over rule them each and every time? 5. Support redevelopment practices not new development of agricultural and wild lands. 6. Support organizations and business' that help the fight against habitat distruction.


Lake Juliana Boating and Lodging is concerned about our natural environment. Show your support by volunteering or donating resources to the environmental protection group of your choice.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Been enjoying Breanna's new life

Been enjoying Breanna's new life


You may have noticed that we have not been on the computer writing much lately, or at least I hope that you noticed and sorry about that?

My close follower/friends know that Breanna, my boss in charge, was very, very sick a few weeks back.

In the blink of an eye she went from a 5 1/2 year old Airedale that thought she was a lap dog, to a dog that could not sit, lay down or stand without help?

We knew that there was a doctor's appointment just around the corner and planned to talk to her doctor.

Never made that date.

The next Friday midnight we were on our way to Gainesville Small Animal Hospital and her or any doctor!

Breanna is back just as spoiled as ever and of course it is all Donnas fault! :-)

Spoiling her not the sickness of course!

I must spank Breanna once a day just to make up for her being spoiled, like that will ever happen!


When something of this nature happens, one tends to contemplate priorities and know that a change is necessary?

This county, state, country and world are all going to hell in a hand basket and doing so willingly and I can do nothing about it?

Men hate other Men, Women hate other Women, Race hates other Race, political parties hate other political parties an some people just plain hate?

News stations are using the old "If it bleeds it Leads" and maybe, just maybe a good story might slip in once a week?

However, Donna, Breanna and Ishi are my life and I can do many things, "good things" with them, so a little less writing is in order.

I will always be here for questions/answers and staying close to you my other family with my "Reader."

I'll do my complaining on

My native on

My help and problems on

My anger, help and whatever about Florida on

I might even go to Face Book now and again

If I can ever learn the who, what, when and the why of Twitter?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Humane Society speaks out against bear hunting in Florida

Humane Society speaks out against bear hunting in Florida
Posted: 4:24 p.m. Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Members of the Humane Society said the bears that would be targeted with the hunt wouldn’t be the bears that have made their way into neighborhoods, so the hunt would likely kill the wrong bears.

“Now, we are going into the woods and killing the ones that didn’t even get in the trash or cause a problem,” said Laura Bevan, of the Humane Society.

I say,

If ever there was a time when I wished to be wrong this would be the one at the top of the list!

Like I said, the Fish and Wild life money hungry people are going to have their time to shoot to kill innocent Black Bears that are nowhere near the humans that are not controlling their trash.

Instead they will be coming to our back yard

(The Ocala National Forest) and other wooded areas, to kill our innocent neighbors, our Black Bears?

Just a short time ago 'Nick Wiley, FWC executive Director', guaranteed us that there would not be a bear hunt in Florida, guess this was because his pockets were empty?

Or, of course he is just another bold face lying Florida official?

Either way our friendly Black Bears around our neighborhood, a neighbor that is not causing problem, will be the losers!

“Hunting is the best tool that we have right now to manage the population and stabilize the growth of the population,” said Diana Eggeman, of the Florida Wildlife Commission.

But the Humane Society disagrees and said it’s a people-problem, as more development is built on bear territory and by putting out food for them in trash cans that aren’t considered bear-proof.

“This is ridiculous. We need to focus on the problem. The problem is the bears that are being attracted into the neighborhoods. If we stop that, we stop the problem,” said Bevan.

But FWC said the hunt will help reduce close encounters.

FWC will make the final decision in two weeks.

If so, the hunt will be approved for three forests, including the Ocala National Forest

What we need to do is hand out large fines the people feeding bears and not locking their trash and the bear problem will go away?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Hunting Capital of the World!"

Black Bear returned back to her forest
This was not Florida the "Hunting Capital of the World!"

This was in Washington and no hunter was able to dump money into the pockets of the Fish & Wildlife 'Protectors' like happens in some states just to be able to shoot and kill Cinder as she ran for her life!

'Cinder,' bear badly burned in wildfire, returning to wild after rehab

1:51 p.m. Wednesday, June 3, 2015 | Filed in: Nation

Black Bear severely burner was set free in the Washington forest Thursday as seen on AMHQ


"America's Morning Headquarters,"

Cinder the burned bear is preparing for a June release