Saturday, June 15, 2013

Junk Fish?

When was the last time you stopped at the tank to look into the eyes of that Lobster you are about to eat.

Or that Catfish, Crawfish, Swordfish, Grouper, Shrimp, Tuna, Salmon or my favorite, the Cod and Haddock fish?

They are all the ugliest or most beautiful creation on Mother Earth however, we still eat them.

By the way the Lobster, Crawfish, Shrimp and Catfish are all bottom feeders, they eat bottom wasted material.

OK, same question with a twist, have you ever looked into the eyes of that cow, lamb, pig, horse or chicken before you sit at your table?

So, what is the difference between those meals or these new meals now being offered?

 Dishing up trash: New look for sustainable seafood.

"A growing number of chefs turn to so-called trash fish to create sustainable menus."

Associated Press By Michele Kayal, Associated Press | Associated Press


I am sure that if the question was, Triggerfish, White Grunt, Shore crabs, Moon Snails, Sea, Tuna Spines, Roasted, Whiting, or Mackerel the answer would still be the same?

Once you get hungry enough you will be surprised at what will start looking delicious.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

This is my kind of cage

We need to have this kind of cage for every cages animal in the world?

Only stacked with human poachers.

Poachers are illegal hunters who do not follow laws, rules and regulations.

What poaching means is that even though an animal is protected and laws have been passed to make hunting and killing that animal illegal, the animal is still hunted and killed.

Spend a few weeks dragging the cage around areas where poachers like to hunt.

At lunch and dinner time stop the cage hand food into the cage through the bars and take an hour watching the animals come to see the cage while eating meals.

The African lion could become extinct in the next decade, want to gawk up close at one of Mother Nature’s glorious creatures before they’re gone forever?

Cagey Cats

The Lion Encounter Ride inside New Zealand’s Orana Wildlife Park