Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You are barking up the wrong tree

Mount Dora leaders pushing for drinking in streets

Breanna says " Mount Dora, Drink this" !

Right now, state law forbids it. But some city leaders plan to push an ordinance to loosen up the restrictions.

Your town is having problems getting visitors because you are stuck up and keep changing your laws, take a trip to any street in Winter haven!

Pet owners love to walk the side walks and buy from pet friendly shops and restaurants!

Can you say “pet bag holders”?

You are barking up the wrong tree, so to speak!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pet safety.

If you are living in Florida you already know this, if you are a visitor, this may help you and your pet.

Come on down, Florida has so many great things to offer you that you will not be able to enjoy them all in one vacation, not to worry, come back soon.

However, for your pets sake please remember, this is the tropics!

How to help pets have a happy, safe holidays.

Let’s start with a nice story about pets.

Pet safety.

Photos: Florida's venomous snakes.

Not many of Florida’s snakes are poisonous however, you should know the ones that are.

Water Moccasins do not like pets splashing around in their part of the water ways so be careful where you wish to play.,0,626068.photogallery

Alligators eat pets and people.

Living with Alligators: A Florida Reality

If you and your pet must swim in our lakes and rivers it is best to do so in the middle, the shore area is their dinner table!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Toronto Ontario Canada

Pour cooking oil down sink?

Thank you to the visitor to one of my teaching blogs, my Political blog.

On that post as with many on the internet, you should learn the good and the bad to

Should one pour cooking oil down the drain?


The good to asking this question, someone will come to you to remove your grease for free!

The bad, even if you are on a city type sewer system oil and grease will plug up your system over time.

If you are on a septic system, not only will it clog your system it will kill all of the bacteria ( microorganisms) in the system and your system will become useless until you get it pumped!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Wolf, mans best friend?

The History of Dogs and Native Americans

Interesting stories about Indigenous people in this country and about the trip of Wolves from predators to house hold pets and humans best friend.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another giant step for J.R.

J.R. Martinez Wins ‘Dancing With The Stars'

Another proud step for our Military another great step for

Jose Rene "J. R." Martinez, Actor, Army hero, dancer and Grand Marshal of the 2012 Rose Parade.

One can only hope that every military person in the world voted for you on this, your day because you are our brother and another of our hero's.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My new WebRing

This blog is now on a website in web ring and I couldn't be more pleased about that.

On my old ( a great free site builder) tripod that no longer exists I wrote about how and why that site is out on the internet, now I have an even better free blogger (Google).

All of the Airedales and their pets that I have met in the WebRing circle are good friends.

If you want to make good pen pals with like interest this is the place to be.

No longer an active website is this one below!

What is WebRing? 05/31/2010

Unfortunately many of the statements are no longer to be trusted as true, like good motels (that one lie's), good restaurants, some no longer except pets, and places to visit, no longer true, This old site is dead and tripod will not take it down because of the advertizing!

Friday, November 11, 2011

We pet lovers must constantly question everything

Breanna would like for you to know that, because you love your baby (Airedale) we hope that you know.

All but about 95% of today's Veterinarians that we have encounter are in business to, first make money, then to care for your baby.

Because of past so called veterinarians and what happened because of their abuse, we now go to the University of Florida Veterinarian school in Gainesville

and even there we have to keep on our toes, so to speak.

Every day we seem to find something else that a chemical or two has been sneaked into so my mommy has added a list onto her Breanna page at

My Very Healthy Special Diet

We pet lovers must constantly question everything, because our babies cannot!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

They're part of the family so take them along!


They're part of the family so take them along!

This is a very interesting pet friendly website and we have received her Email news letter for some time now, if I may I suggest that you start doing the same, you will not regret this.

Breanna and her two pets, mommy and daddy.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween Breanna

This past Halloween was Breanna's 2nd.

On this one, as with the 1st, we put her harness with a long leash on her. If not she would knock the little gobblers down and love on them.

However, this holiday as with the one last year she did the Airedale belly crawl across the dining room floor all the way to the front door, at least of the first few visitors.

For those of you that do not have Airedales I would love to show you the Airedale Belly Crawl however, there were only two of us, so not enough hands for a camera.

Think about boot camp, you are crawling under barbwire and your sergeant is shooting live ammunition over your head.

Once she saw that they were getting candy and she was not, she then got into the holiday spirit big time.

One of us would hand out the candy, talk to the children and the other would get a death grip on her leash and slowly let it out until every child could pet and love on her.

For her, the only thing bad thing about a holiday is, at sometime it had to be over.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Breanna's trip to her new home.

This is the first time that we met Breanna and the first time that she met strangers.
We fell in love with her at first sight and believe that the feeling was mutual.
I want a good restaurant, hotel, motel, beach and park review for our pets.

Please feel free to send in any of your own experiences with restaurants, hotels, motels, beaches, parks and almost anything else that you believe  our pet lovers should know about.
With this blog I wish for you to enjoy my family however, I also want to help you with your pets so that you do not fall into the same trust problems that we had and the loss we feel because of our blind trust in doctor's for (pets).

My experience with places like Red Roof Inn, Motel 6, motels in Key West, pet friendly parks, beaches, safe places to groom you pets, and stores like Home Depot, Lowes, True Value,Wal*Mart, with Veterans discounts and allowing your pet into their store. Helping pet lovers fined interesting things for pets.

How stores in Florida compare with other states like in New England as for pricing, deliveries and customer service.

How each store, motel, beach and park treat our Veterans?

Please remember to write in with your opinions- thank-you.