Sunday, November 3, 2013

New today Fresh from Florida

Cows have been in Florida since the 15 century.

North America’s first cattle were brought in the 15 century by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon.

So, cattle have been doing their thing all of this time in Florida, ranchers and fertilizer companies have been mixing fertilizer with chemical all this time and run off from watering, rain, and weather, have been dumping into the water of Florida all of the time.

Still, the ‘specialists’ of Florida cannot figure out what has been killing off the animal life, fish and plant life in the waters of Florida?

(water plant food not to be confused with land food).

Makes one ponder many questions about the ‘experts’ of Florida?

This is not counting the lowering of the lakes, rivers, and streams because Florida ‘experts’ are giving the fresh water away to outside bottling companies at an unbelievable fast rate?

So, There are nearly 1 million head of calves and cattle in Florida.

Seven of the nation’s 25 largest cattle ranches are in Florida, according to the Florida Beef Council.

Despite ranking 10th nationally in the number of cattle, Florida ships the majority of them — 700,000 feeder calves, to other states.

However, the leftover from raising cattle remains in the land and waters of Florida?

Beef is a 2 billion dollar industry but will not be on the list is Florida.

Great for the farmers and ranchers.

Stinks for the rest of the people in Florida including our visitor!

Now the farmers and ranchers want to also build slaughter houses and processed plants in Florida?

State department of Aquaculture hopes to made Fresh from Florida for all kinds of food from alligator meat to oranges.

Beef will not be on the list because most cattle raised in Florida are shipped elsewhere to be processed.

Florida cattle ranchers seek locally grown label

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pets not welcome

Welcome to my visitor from the Texas Christian University


City Fort Worth Texas

To my posting about my stops at hotels, motels and Inns while on teaching/travels around Indian country.

This subject needs to be addressed, how be it as delicately as possible, because it is another question about religion many Native Americans want to understand?

Pets welcome, NOT!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”~ Mahatma Gandhi.

Islam and animals

The Qur'an strongly enjoins Muslims to treat animals with compassion and not to abuse them.

The animals, together with all creatures, are believed to praise God, even if this praise is not expressed in human language.

Once again, I am not allowed to judge however, if I were to question?

"What happened to the teaching of the Quran and/or the teaching of one of the greatest people to walk this planet"?

Indians, Dot not Feathers, to me would seem to be leaving their religion at the border while working in this country?

While on these many travels and pulling into a 'pet friendly' hotel, motel or Inn and state that we have a pet, Breanna has traveled all over with no mishaps and makes friends at every stop however, the look on the faces and the treatment at some stops still tell the true story and we must wonder if this is known to the main office?

Come to think about it the Holy Bible, your words not mine? Teacher to love all of Gods creation yet Christians are killing everything on the planet at well?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Travel With Your Pet


Pet Friendly Travel Guide: Travel With Your Pet

Whether you’re looking for pet friendly places to stay, or a beach where your dog can run off-leash, or a restaurant where your pet is welcome.® provides a wealth of pet travel information about pet friendly hotels and lodging, campgrounds and RV parks, beaches, recreation, restaurants and bars, air travel, airports, and more.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

America's Oldest Veteran Lives in Austin.

What Happened to Him Yesterday Will Make You Smile.

May many blessings from Kiehtan (GOD) shower down to Josh Mayou, a Home Depot manager and all of the volunteers then overflow throughout East Austin this day because of this marvelous act of kindness!

Home Depot manager and leader of the project, said the project was the third of five in the area being renovated for veterans.

Funding was provided by the Home Depot Foundation, and volunteers for the one-day work sessions came from a variety of sources.

Volunteers have a long list of projects, Mayou said, so workers hoped to finish it all Thursday. Besides the refrigerator and the windows, the team fixed the bathroom, painted the walls, rebuilt a fence and repaired the porch where Mr. Overton likes to pass his days.

A diverse group of volunteers braved the heat Thursday to upgrade the residence of 107-year-old World War II veteran Richard Overton – the country’s oldest living World War II veteran.

The East Austin house has been Overton's home since he built it in 1945, when he returned from war. And though he’s done some upgrades over the years, it was beginning to have some serious issues: broken windows, a failing refrigerator and more.

107-year-old Richard Overton relaxes on his front lawn. Yesterday, dozens of volunteers fixed the East Austin home Overton’s lived in since 1945.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hawk moths (macroglossum stellatarum).

Welcome to the visitor from the city West Orange New Jersey

to my Breanne's posting

And the Sachem Speaks site

on the hawk moths (macroglossum stellatarum).

Notice that our information came from the University of Florida, Go Gators.

Deland woman's dog injured in scuffle with black bear


Floridians, put your trash into a good sealed container and wildlife will not smell your unused food!

First thing to notice would be that this young German Shepherd (The German Shepherd aka Alsatian and Alsatian Wolf Dog), is a breed of large-sized dog that originated in Germany, was not on a dog leash, by law should have been.

Yes, the dog may have been trying to protect the teenager and yes the dog went looking for a fight.

What would you, as a parent of two young children do if for instance a large young dog came running up to them looking for trouble?

Well this is what has been going on for some time now in Florida as the wildlife keeps being push out of this, there land.

Adult bears must deal with their cubs being hit by traffic or shot by gun happy Floridians, now they must also deal with angry pets looking to do battle.

Checking out this article you will notice that all three bears ran into a tree, bears will not initiate an attack and will only battle enough to remove the attacker from their cubs in danger or the food, proof of this is that the dog is still alive?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dolphin Deaths is from Virtual smallpox

(1) ~ Virtual infection caused the death of Dolphins along the east coast

(2) ~ A Crocodile ate both of my feet and one hand, so the doctors put a Band-Aid on my head?

So which statement is only half true?

Both statements are only about half true.

Once upon a time a doctor put a Band-Aid on my head.

Some type of virus may have a little to do with all of those animals from New York to the Carolina's deaths.

The whole truth that Scientist, farmers, the Media, lobbyist, chemical companies, and manufactures do not wish to admit is, their polluting the land with chemicals and it is running off into our lakes, streams, rivers and oceans killing not only fish and mammals but the seaweed food that feeds everything from plankton to whales in the chain of life!

Dolphin Deaths Virtual smallpox along the shores of the east coast states our Scientist?

What's killing all those dolphins?

NOAA thinks it's a virus?

The five affected states are

New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. North Carolina has also seen an increase in dolphin stranding, according to NOAA.

As of Sunday, there have been 488 dolphin stranding from New York to North Carolina, more than 300 dolphins above the annual average.

NOAA found that 32 dolphins were either

"suspect or confirmed positive for mobillivirus."

Measles-like virus may be cause of dolphin deaths on US coast

Since July 1, 333 bottlenose dolphins have been found dead along coastlines from New York to North Carolina, the highest number in a quarter-century and almost 10 times the average of 33 for the same period and region over the last five years, according to Teri Rowles of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Number of Farms by State, 2001–2007

The following table shows the number of operating farms in each of the United States.

Number of farms just along the east coast from NY to SC and this is only 2007

This can only report about ones that the census has?

What about the thousands not reported and the chemical companies, paper factories and mills also dumping runoff?
Don't forget about Nuclear, Oil, Gas and Coal power plants their runoff is constant day & night.


Del aware 2,200

Maryland 12,000

New Jersey 9,800

New York 34,200

North Carolina 48,000

South Carolina 24,700

Virginia 47,100

I am including Florida because we are also losing Manatees from this runoff!

And Florida has Sugar Mills.

Florida 40,000 farms.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Brown/Black Labrador Retriever attacked a Black Bear

Lake Mary Seminole County Florida, the home of our wildlife like our beautiful dossal black bears is, like so many counties, being overrun by humans and their unleashed pets.

 Last year an unleashed pet (Labrador Retriever) attacked a black bear wandering around looking for food.

After the unleashed dog annoyed the bear for awhile the bear swiped it out of the way.

This unleashed dog will not try the patience of a bear weighing ten times that of a dog anytime soon?

The unleashed Lab has just enough scratches on its face to learn not to pick a fight with a bear.

If this bear wished, it could have ended the life of the pet however, the bear only wanted the unleashed pet to mind its own business.

Now, as always, the humans want to blame the bear and have it moved or worse. How about not allowing a trouble maker pet to run free?

Black Bear's are being abused one way or another in Seminole county far too much as is.

Remember, our Black Bears are the endangered species, not the Labrador Retriever?

Bear struck by vehicle, killed in Lake Mary

Bear struck, killed on I-4 in Seminole County

Trio of bears seen in Lake Mary tree

The pet was not on a leash, get it?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Threatened gopher tortoises to be relocated

Threatened gopher tortoises to be relocated to make way for Wekiva Trail


Saving these 150 tortoise should not cost $200,00 to relocate?

It is only about a 3 mile stretch of land some 10 feet wide?

If the towns want to spend that much money, save the extra and build that short stretch of trail up a little so that animals can live and/or just go under?

Personnel I would rather be able to enjoy the turtles as with the rest of the wildlife while biking the trail?

This is the reason and seems to be the only reason the professional's can give for spending this much money and terrorizing the poor tortoises?

(Amy Daley of CPH Engineers is in charge of finding the tortoises a new home.

"Well according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Conservation regulations, gopher tortoises are a threatened species here in the state of Florida," Daley said)?

So what, does this mean the only choice in moving them?

I think not.

The proposed Wekiva Trail is to be a 15-mile, multi-use trail that will provide hikers, cyclists and nature enthusiasts a regional connection between Lake, Seminole and Orange Counties, 3 miles for the gopher.

This, I am sure that most of us will agree is a good thing because it will give many more people a safer place to help get healthier without fear of being run over while on a roadway?

Remember that this is a trail and that the 15 miles to be added for connecting towns has many endangered Gopher Tortoises around but for only 3 of those miles?

I say this because it would seem to me that moving them a few feet while building this trail would be more than enough?

Why not build the fence first then the trail?

Any or all power and water lines can run along side of that 3 miles and also up and under for protection of the lines?

This trail will provide a way to the shops, restaurants and cultural destinations of the City of Mount Dora, and connect existing trails to thousands of acres of preservation land and destinations such as Rock Springs Run and the Wekiwa Springs State Park. Construction would extend the trail from Altamonte Springs to the Orange County line near Bear Lake Road and Maitland Boulevard.

You haven't lived until you can sit at the dining room table and just watch Harriett sun herself and/or eat.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Caught in the Headlights

But, it's just another animal, why slow down?

Slow down?

What a concept!

The part of Route 41 Florida known as the Tamiami Trail is a Scenic Drives through the Everglades in Florida.

Why would anyone be speeding while traveling this beautiful road?

The Tamiami Trail, has a maximum posted speed of 60 miles per hour during the daytime, although many drivers exceed that speed.

With nighttime limits of 45 miles per hour.

This speed limit is ridicules and now, because of the new interstate, should be dropped down to 45 daytime 35 nighttime.

Remember, the life you save could be mine?

If you are in a hurry we, the government, built this speed road just for you, a three or four line 70 MPH highway that you should be on.

This way I, as well as so many animals, will not keep getting in your way?

If you are in a hurry and must travel on Rte. # 41, travel about 3/4’s of it and then get on Rte. #75 and drive even faster?

Can new technology help save Florida’s endangered panthers from being run down on the highway?

by Justine E. Hausheer  @justinehausheer • July 17, 2013

No, dropping the speed limit and police patrols will.

This trail is a last area of "safety" for many wildlife.

This includes our Florida Panthers.

Florida Scenic Drives and Road Trips Tamiami Trail

Now for this government in Florida.

Acceptable losses is a car manufactures slogan and should not be used against those with no voice to protest!

This new RADS,(The roadside animal detection system), is only as good as the drivers that obey the signs?

RADs is an attempt to help with the traffic threat, but was only the result of local sportsmen objecting to a more proven method for reducing wildlife losses.

On “Alligator Alley” a four-lane Interstate 75, more than 30 underpasses now give wildlife a way to cross under the road, and 40 miles of fencing guide animals to the safer route.

But these crossings come with a hefty price tag—$4 million.

The two miles of proposed fencing along Route 41 would keep panthers off the road.

However, it would also prevent sportsmen from parking on the shoulder and hiking into the brush to hunt or fish.

Folks, this is Florida, a tropical state, hunters have hundreds of thousands of places to pull over and do their dirty work, why do they also feel the need to kill on this beautiful scenic travel road?

Because they can!

Guns don't kill, greedy monsters kill.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

News from the new Gopher tortoises hotel at the fence

I need to get healed and get a life, I am now a reporter on the life of a Gopher tortoises?

A follow up from an earlier posting

It’s a Mystery?

Our good neighbor Jim did a great job on his side of the fence, I added a board at the bottom on my side plus made a short overhang above, doing a better job when healed.

While chasing squirrels form Breanna's play yard someone, I am hoping Harriett, came from the back yard, maybe through Jim's back yard and into the hole.

I have been checking the old hole at the road and have seem no life as yet, it is starting to look as though she has abandon it.

I am hope that it is Harriett, because coming from our back yard through Jim's back yard is so much safer than going under our gate and up the road.

If not than a gentleman caller is ok also, I am checking, I just do not wish to do much disturbing for awhile.

The little so and so is going to keep leaving the yard looking for a man, so I will be glad that at least she will be a little safer from the back yard.

Like I said earlier, I need to get a life, I am now a reporter on the sex life of a Gopher tortoises?

P.S. whomever moved in also did a good job helping the rain to pass around the hole.

Stay tune because it is looking like rain is on the way.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Harriett has a boyfriend?

It's a Mystery?


Walked out the back door at first light, looked to my right as I was heading for my work shed and almost tripped on the patio.

Over at the fence across from our driveway was a fresh pile of sand?

First thought was, "Boy I am going to hate to fight off those Fire ants."

As you can tell from the above statement,

I was not quite awake as yet, that is until seeing the mound of sand.

After a closer look, it looks like either Harriett, our Gopher Tortoise,

built a new home away from the fence facing the road, or Harriett has a boyfriend?

Harriett came out to eat so I planned on watching her to see where she goes after breakfast only she fooled me,

because she left while I was putting gas in the lawnmower.

Please stay tuned for any following episodes?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Macroglossum Stellatarum

Just when you think that you are the most intelligent species in the land, along comes the Macroglossum Stellatarum?

Lewis Nixon invented the first Sonar in 1906,In 1906, American naval architect Lewis Nixon invented the first sonar-like listening device to detect icebergs.

UF researcher shows hawkmoths use ultrasound to combat bats


Bats and many Moths have had sonar for centuries.

Bats and moths have engaged in an arms race for nearly 65 million years as bats evolve ways to hunt down moths and moths evolve ways to escape bats.

French physicist Paul Langévin constructed the first sonar set to detect submarines in 1915.

By 1918, Britain and the United States had built sonar sets that could send out, as well as receive, sound signals.

In the 2000's, the U.S. Navy introduced a sonar system to help clear military mines.

Hawkmoths are major pollinators

 and some are agricultural pests.

Researchers use the insects as model organisms for genetic research due to their large size.

Previous research shows tiger moths use ultrasound as a defense mechanism.

“While they produce the sound using tymbals, a vibrating membrane located on the thorax, hawkmoths use a system located in the genitals.

Scientists found at least three hawkmoth species produce ultrasonic sound, including females.

Researchers believe hawkmoths may produce the sound as a physical defense, to warn others or to jam the bats’ echolocation, which confuses the predators so they may not identify an object or interpret where it is located”, Kawahara said.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Junk Fish?

When was the last time you stopped at the tank to look into the eyes of that Lobster you are about to eat.

Or that Catfish, Crawfish, Swordfish, Grouper, Shrimp, Tuna, Salmon or my favorite, the Cod and Haddock fish?

They are all the ugliest or most beautiful creation on Mother Earth however, we still eat them.

By the way the Lobster, Crawfish, Shrimp and Catfish are all bottom feeders, they eat bottom wasted material.

OK, same question with a twist, have you ever looked into the eyes of that cow, lamb, pig, horse or chicken before you sit at your table?

So, what is the difference between those meals or these new meals now being offered?

 Dishing up trash: New look for sustainable seafood.

"A growing number of chefs turn to so-called trash fish to create sustainable menus."

Associated Press By Michele Kayal, Associated Press | Associated Press


I am sure that if the question was, Triggerfish, White Grunt, Shore crabs, Moon Snails, Sea, Tuna Spines, Roasted, Whiting, or Mackerel the answer would still be the same?

Once you get hungry enough you will be surprised at what will start looking delicious.