Thursday, July 16, 2015

Immigration and crime

See if any of this sounds familiar to my friends/followers?

In recent weeks, there has been an upsurge in controversy over crime committed by immigrants.


Both legal and illegal immigrants have far lower crime rates than native-born Americans do.

Even if they did not, it does not follow that immigration restrictions and deportation are the right solution to the problem.

Claims that we could lower violent crime rates by reducing immigration or deporting more illegal's are fundamentally misplaced.

Indeed, if reducing violent crime is really the goal, we could shift some of the vast resources currently devoted to keeping out and deporting peaceful

Numerous studies show that immigrants have lower crime rates than natives, a finding which holds true even if you focus solely on Mexican immigrants – the main objects of Trump’s ire. Indeed, Mexican-born immigrant males aged 18-39 who lack a high school diploma actually had a lower incarceration rate in 2010 (2.8%) than all native-born males of the same age group (3.3%), regardless of education level (the incarceration rate for native-born men without a high school diploma was 10.7% in the same year).

Now try this if you will?

All Florida Black Bears are the cause of pet food being eaten by wild life in central Florida and all of the trash containers being invaded in central Florida?

If we kill innocent Black Bears all over Florida our trash will be safe if left out all day and all night and we can feed our pets outside anytime that is convenient for humans?

As with, shifting some of the vast resources currently devoted to keeping out and deporting peaceful migrants and reinvest them in combating violent crime and terrorism.

We also should/could shift some of the vast resources currently devoted to unnecessary meetings and hunts to laws the will deeply punish the habitual offenders leaving their pet food out, feeding the bears and placing their trash containers out the night before trash pickup day?


Lets face the truth, if deporting legal and illegal immigrants will do little to effect our crime rate?

How is it that killing innocent Black Bears all over Florida except in the problem areas will solve that problem?

And with this my friends/followers, the Defense Rests!

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