Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bird feeders

Welcome to
Wallaceburg Ontario Canada
looking for information about
simple quotes for bird feeders
to my how to build your our feeder/bath
I have had one Squirrel of the many that have tried, get around and on to my feeder.
So named because, one would guess that, 
he was in one too many losing fights for food, was able to get up the pipe, 
on to then over the upside down flower pot and into the feeder.
So I replaced it with a new upside down 14” flower pot!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Some plants may be poisonous to pets that develop allergic reactions to them. 
However, you may not know which ones to be concerned about just in case.

Common Yard Flowers and Foliage
Caladium - All parts.
Chrysanthemum - Leaves and stems.
Climbing Lily - All parts extremely poisonous especially tubers.
Delphinium - All parts.
Elephant Ears - All parts.
Four O 'clocks - All parts.
Foxglove - All parts can be fatal.
Hydrangea. Whole plant
Impatiens - All parts.
Ivy (All Forms) - All parts.
Lily of the Valley - All parts
Lobelia - All parts.
Lupine - All parts especially pods and seeds.
Magnolia - Flowers.
Marigold - Young leaves and stems especially poisonous.
Moccasin flower (Lady Slipper) - All parts.
Morning Glory - All parts.
Peony - All parts.
Periwinkle - All parts.
Pinks (Sweet William, Carnation) - All parts.
Poppy (except California) - All parts.
Snapdragon - All parts.
Sweet Pea - All parts. Especially seeds.
Verbena - Foliage and flowers.
Wisteria - All parts. Seeds and pods.

Common Shrubs
Azaleas - A shrub. All parts are fatal.
English Holly - Berries may be fatal.
Evening Trumpet Flower - A shrub.
Hibiscus - a shrub
Oleander - All parts. Foliage.
Rhododendron - All parts are fatal especially leaves. A shrub.
Yellow Oleander - All parts. Especially kernels of the fruit. A shrub.

Garden Plants
Asparagus - Berries and eating green shoots raw may cause dermatitis.
Eggplant - All but fruit.
Elderberry - All parts.
Fava Bean - Raw or half cooked beans.
Horse Bean - Raw or half cooked beans.

Friday, August 10, 2012

University of Connecticut Storrs

Welcome UCONN
University of Connecticut Storrs Mansfield Connecticut
To my old tripod Breanna's WebRing site
What is WebRing?
I lives in the area and would repair that old heating system at the University once in a while when there was big problems.
I would always drop the change in that old donation contained back in the late 60s early 70s while working on the system, been a big fan ever since.
Later on we would stop by to speak on native Spirituality until the old ticker started acting up
Had to move to the Ocala Florida a few years ago so I do not get to see many games or meet the young adult.
I see Geno is still Geno!
Can't seem to find out how Coach Calhoun is doing?
However, I am well pleased with my UCONN students.
Sachem Walkingfox

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Airedale biggest and best

Spokane Washington
Airedale biggest and best

To my Breanna's blogger
We love all of our Airedales, we love everything mother nature allows us to see, hear and yes sometimes smell!
Breanna runs the home, car and just about everything else, if you do not believe me just ask her! LOL

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crocodile' Dundee protect our wildlife in Florida

Ipoh Perak Malaysia
If you have seen the movie crocodile Dundee and came to my posting
Crocodile' Dundee's will protect our wildlife in Florida
I am referring to the point in the movie when the bad people were in the outback Australia senselessly killing the ("Roos" ) called Kangaroo in Australia?
Dundee shot out their headlights and radiator's so that the hunting had to stop, I want to have a few dozen Crocodile Dundee's armed to the teeth doing the same for our wildlife!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Evansville Indiana
We have been to your city many times and go back often.
Welcome from your
To My Breanna's postings

We go to our Publix grocery store because they are the friendliest and carry the best food in our area, you pick your own store, we suggest one that does not sell Pink Slime!
I say that if they do not sell Pink Slime that they are making an attempt to sell the very best to their public!
Fresh Ground Lamb not from China, we use our Publix's meat department ( Central Florida.
6 tea spoons Steamed/Cooked Ground Lamb, 2 Table spoons Low Fat Small Curd Cottage Cheese, 1 1/2 Cups Wellness Core Ocean dry dog food, 2 Table Spoons Plain Organic Greek Yogurt, 1 Cup Finely Minced frozen Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Green Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Fresh Organic Baby Carrots mixed together to equal a cup. 4 frozen Blueberries,
6- teaspoons ground lamb at each meal mixed with her dry food.
Finely crushed vegetables in between those meals, followed by the Blueberries.
Treats a day -Wellness Baked Treat Bars: Apple/Lamb, and Yogurt/Bananas, one after Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Supper).
The meals are served in a glass or stainless bowl or plates, never plastic.
Fresh water at all times also in glass or stainless containers, never plastic.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Adelaide South Australia, Australia
Best puppy food for Airedale
Welcome to this blogger while showing your interested in the very best for your baby's ( PETS). Best dog food for Airedale
Are Airedale the best dog?
After the loss of our baby ( Sabrina) we both dived full speed into the internet looking for something, anything to help with the hurt!
Of course the only help in the end was (Breanna) however, we did discover many floors in all types of food for pets!
You can and should get the very best for your very best just remember, price should never be your determining factor, just because it cost the most does not make it the best.
On the other hand, cheep food is NOT always the best for you or your baby!