Friday, August 28, 2015

Your Robin hood governor hard at work!

Well, as usual he doesn't quite get it?

He is

Taking from the poor and giving to the rich once again.

Petition to protect Payne's Prairie Florida

To be delivered to The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, and Governor Rick Scott

Petition Statement

Hands off Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park. We, the undersigned, will not allow the privatization of our public land. We stand firmly against Governor Scott's plan to encourage private business to rent our State Parks for grazing cattle or growing trees. We urge you to stand against special interests and work to preserve not privatize!

Images of the Payne's Prairie State Park Florida

Governor Rick Scott has now taken the park away from the public and is given it to ranchers.

Just as his Stacked,

St. John River Management Committee did with Silver Springs and we just keep allowing him to do so?

If you have never been to Payne's Prairie, go now while you can still walk around without stepping on cow chips

and in need of a nose plug, it is too late for Silver Springs State Park!

Images of the silver river state park monkeys

Just like his Stacked, Fish and Wildlife Committee?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Panthers and Bears and Reptiles OH MY!

What do Nick Wiley, Robert Spottswood, Liesa Priddy, Richard Corbett and Governor Rick Scott have in common?

For years I have been racking my poor, little, old, brain, trying to find the reason why so many government officials paid so much money to protect our beloved wildlife in Florida
are hell bent on killing our beloved wildlife?

Now, as you will soon see, the lights are coming on!

They, along with the rest of my, at this time incomplete list, of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, all control the life's of our beloved wildlife, plants, animals, fish and reptiles and each one want them out of their way!

So far only Richard Corbett has found his conscience over his pocketbook?

Richard Corbett resigns as Florida Fish and Wildlife commissioner!

Please do not just like or ignore, but take a minute to read the following?

Wiley’s Whims!

Posted on July 22, 2015

Will explain Nick Wiley and Liesa Priddy!

While there is nothing in the world that can explain our governor, this might help?

A Ridiculous Award!

Posted on August 3, 2015

Richard Corbett resigns as Florida Fish and Wildlife,
God Bless him and whoever was his Conscience?

And this new one I found
might just be the back-breaker for our beloved neighbors?

Stacking the deck in our state!

August 27, 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bear cub struck, killed on I-4 in Seminole County

And so it begins!

Yes, unfortunately our bears and all of our wildlife die a horrible death on Florida roads everyday however, as the old saying goes,

"You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

A little play on words to try to help my breaking heart!

Soon after this "Law illegal hunt" gets under way and the hunters start killing mother bears, what do the bear cubs do?

They walk around looking for their mother of course!

Oh wait hunters are not suppose to kill females bears you say?

Who will be out in the woods with those thousands of crazed hunters checking on each kill?


How many of those crazed hunters that paid their dues and ones that have not, care if they shoot a male or a female or anything else that moves for that matter?

How many babies will be hungry, thirsty and walk out into a road looking for mommy?

A bear cub was hit by a vehicle and killed Friday morning along Interstate 4, according to Florida Highway Patrol troopers.

The bear was struck around 6 a.m. near State Road 17-92. Some wildlife supporters said such incidents could start happening more frequently.

Wildlife supporter and bear hunt opponent Chuck O'Neal told Channel 9's Racquel Asa that with Florida set to allow hunting of black bears, bear cubs crossing the roadway will happen more often, especially because female bears are fair game during the hunt.

"The mother would not have let that bear cub cross I-4.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Trash Fines if Black Bears get into trash

Well it is about time, or is it?

Will the Fish and Wildlife now be putting the hunt on hold at least until we see if this new rue works or until we have a court hearing on the lawsuit against you?\

Or better yet both?

Penny wise and years too late!


So far, Rob Headley, you and your lazy neighbors are the cause of this unnecessary hunt to kill our beloved Black Bears!

I think people, by and large, take care of their own trash fine, so far," Headley said.


Posted: 5:14 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015

Tempting bears with trash could lead to fines for homeowners


Neighbors living along Markham Woods Road in Longwood know a trash container can become a bear's buffet.

"I can't take the trash out the night before like most people do.

I've got to get up at the crack of dawn to take it out at 6 a.m.

Otherwise I wake up to a street full of trash," resident Rob Headley said.

Starting last week, the penalties have changed for homeowners in the state who leave trash out for pickup and bears become a problem.

First time offenders are to receive a written warning,

the second time they'd get a $100 civil citation

and the third time it's a second-degree misdemeanor.

"I'm against it.

I think people, by and large, take care of their own trash fine, so far," Headley said.

Previously, homeowners would instantly face a second-degree misdemeanor, punishable by possible jail time and a fine if they unintentionally fed bears by leaving garbage out, but state attorneys across the state were tossing the cases out.

Wildlife officials told Channel 9's Julie Salomone that some homeowners associations have taken it a step further by placing time restrictions on when homeowners can put garbage out.

For example, those living in the Heathrow community can't place trash cans out overnight or any earlier than 5 a.m. pickup day.

A homeowner told Salomone that his bear-proof trash can cost about $200.

It has a latch on the side.

Homeowners in the community who have bear-proof cans are allowed to leave their garbage out overnight for pickup.

Wildlife officials say they don't have authority to put time limits in place, but they recommend putting the can on the curb pickup day.


'Unintentional bear feeding' could net fine in Florida

Wildlife officials could issue $100 fines

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tahtonka is not qualified for the job

Liesa Priddy/Nick Wiley Wildlife Protectors-RIGHT!

These two, Governor Scott and the rest of these grew have sentences our peace loving bears to death and are now trying the same slick tricks on our beloved Florida Panthers!

Thinking back a couple of years, they first started talking about a few Black Bears killings just like what they are doing now to our panthers and when the public screamed they backed off for a little.

This, of course got the attention of the NRA and those rich hunters around the state, country and the world, a great plan if one is money hungry enough?

Next came a feeble attempt at stopping the bear feeding public, people leaving food out all night and lazy people not protecting their trash containers, this included companies that drop containers at all businesses in Florida and lazy people not closing doors on those containers!

Today is the second time this Governor Scott planted committee member, that had also planted a ranch on our beloved Florida Panthers Reserve, has tried killing off our beloved panthers.

Liesa Priddy has tried to get hunting on our Panthers several times even though she and her rancher neighbors have killed or run off the panthers main food source, the Florida Deer!

Remember this is the very same moves made on our beloved Florida Black Bears by Nick Wiley, a person that we pay to help protect our endangered wildlife?

This group has sold all of our Florida Black Bears food source and sold permits to kill off our Florida Deer.

Now they complain because wildlife is coming around looking for anything else to eat.

Florida Panther Permit

Wiley’s Whims! Posted on July 22, 2015

Lately, it appears that Nick Wiley is having a turn of the mind, or rethinking many things, including, Panthers, Black Bears, to hunt or not to hunt and the true core meaning of the agency that he is the head of,  the  FWC,  or Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Just three short years ago, this same man swore on the phone, after called raising hell over the 8 Black Bears that had been killed in Orlando when stupid people, did stupid things,

stating that they would never be hunted!

He has recently had secret meetings without other consul, other than that of a South Florida Rancher named Liesa Priddy, who was appointed to the Commission by Governor Scott in 2012 for the usual 5 year term, and together they decided that a new plan should be put in place for what until now has been the most critically Endangered Mammal in the country and who also happens to be our State Mammal, the Florida Panther.

Thank-you to Walking with the alligators Donna for much of this information.

I would like to see a petition for the removal of both Wiley and Priddy and replace one or both with Tahtonka.

However, she would never run, stating that she has no qualifications for protecting Florida Wildlife, endangered species, fish, plants and animals?





Trust No One


Show me anyone in Florida, the country and dare I say, the world more qualified for this job?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

No hunting in the very rich areas of the state?

Over 1500 bear killing permits
Today at 5PM WFTV Channel 9 News! 

Checking the maps, one must notice that the only place with a bear to foolish human problem lies in the "Closed to hunting area?"

No hunting in the very rich areas of the state?
The guess on the number of Florida Black Bears 3000?

Mind you that this is only a guess, on the way to a doctors appointment we, to our sadness, spotted another Black Bear down in central Florida.

How many others?

If your lose your license (by breaking the law) for whatever reason and you are stopped by a police offices, (license and registration) what can you plan on happening?

You are going to be arrested and on your way to court at the very least.

So, if we the people are not allowed to break the law, why is it that state and federal officials can get away with breaking their own laws?

Friday, July 31, 2015 3:10pm

On Monday, hunters hoping to shoot the Florida black bear during the state’s first bear hunting season in 21 years began buying up permits. With over 1,200 permits sold by Wednesday afternoon, it looked to be a hugely popular hunting event, regardless of, or perhaps because of, the national furor over Cecil the lion and the point of big game hunting.

For the right to shoot up to 320 of the formerly threatened species with a bow, crossbow, rifle, pistol, revolver, shotgun or muzzleloader, out-of-state hunters are paying just $300, while locals are paying just $100.

Open season on bears starts Oct. 24. Bait and dogs won’t be allowed, nor will hunters be allowed to take cubs or mothers with cubs.

Given that published reports say there are just 3,000 Florida black bears in the wild, we sent eight questions on the hunt to officials at

Conservation group sues to stop black bear hunt -Tony Marrero Tony Marrero, Times Staff Writer-Friday, July 31, 2015 3:10pm

Lawsuit Aims To Halt Return Of Bear Hunting-August 3, 2015

Conservation groups want a judge to shoot down the return of bear hunting in Florida and to halt the pending sale of bear-hunting permits.

With permits for this fall’s hunt going on sale Monday, the Seminole County-based group Speak Up Wekiva filed a lawsuit in Leon County circuit court Friday challenging the constitutionality of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission-approved bear hunt.

“There is no evidence to support the supposition that hunting bears in remote wildlife management areas will reduce conflicts in suburbia,” the lawsuit contends.

In June 2015, the FWC approved a limited bear hunt 

Checking the maps, one must notice that the only place with a bear to foolish human problem lies is in the

"Closed to hunting area?"

No hunting in the very rich areas of the state?


to take place beginning Oct. 24, 2015 in four of the seven BMUs

. The purpose of reinstating a bear hunting season is to stabilize expanding bear populations in different parts of the state that are capable of supporting hunting.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Another Medical supplier is closing its doors

Today while watching the news before my yard-work another healthcare supplier is going belly-up because of so much paperwork from government!

We in this country were,
one would guess,
 faulty led to believe that computers would help save our forest with much less paper use?

Not in congress with new law making apparently.

We are beginning to see just how correct Congressmen Alan Grayson was back while the media was poking fun at his report to congress?

A Kilgore medical supplier is closing its doors after 34 years, and the owner says it's Medicare's fault.

Instead of working with our president to improve Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, congress is passing laws making it harder for suppliers and providers to stay in business! Remember that (all of them are small business owners)?

Soon there will be no supplier of equipment and no providers to work with our healthcare in this country!

Just what our congress has been working to do.

Of course they have the very best insurance that your can buy for them!
Alan Grayson as a congressman has had the unique opportunity to see the republicans healthcare plan for America!

A blank piece of paper?

After saying he was inspired to read the Republican health care plan by the paper-waving GOP lawmakers at Obama's recent address, Grayson summed up his findings with a few simple pieces of poster board. "The Republican health care plan: don't get sick," he said. But, he added, "The Republicans have a back-up plan in case you do get sick ... This is what the Republicans want you to do. If you get sick America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly!"

While congress is doing their thing, Grayson is still hard at work for the people.

Grayson Secures $6.5 Million Grant for Orange County Fire Department

Funding Will Help Hire 45 New Firefighters

Congressman Alan Grayson (FL-09) announced today that the Orange County Fire & Rescue Department (OCFRD) will receive a $6.5 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) program that he helped to secure through his grants program.

OCFRD is the fourth largest fire department in the state. It provides critical support to Central Florida’s hospitals, schools, local businesses, and tourist destinations such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Grayson wrote a letter to FEMA in support of OCFRD’s application, and Grayson’s Grants Coordinator met with OCFRD staff.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

hunters seem to be taking offence

The image seen here is (FAKE) however illustrates the opposite side of things in relation to false hunting practices.
Posted May of 2014 hunters seem to be taking offence against a mocked imag
What's your thoughts?
Keep the derogatory comments off the thread please.
The image is a mocked image and does not call nor has it ever (for violence).
Anyone that doesn't agree we invite for debate - not name calling or threatening.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We shoot Hunters!

First day of hunting permits sold over 600 permits
More than 600 permits to hunt bears this fall were sold by mid-afternoon Monday, the first day in more than two decades that such licenses have been available in Florida.

The sale of the special-use permits began despite a lawsuit that was filed Friday against the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to halt the hunt.

The state hasn’t estimated how many permits — which cost $100 for Florida residents and $300 for non-residents — will be bought by Oct. 23, the day before the hunt begins.

The hunt is planned to last two to seven days, depending on the number of bears killed.

600 plus permits a day.
29 days in August since the first permit day.
30 days in September
23 days until the first day of the hunt?
There will be two to seven days of the hunt, if our hunters learn how to read?

Remembering Cecil, everyone's pet lion murdered by a crazed hunter with a rifles loaded to the hilt with a silencer on it!

In theory there could in fact be 6,000 plus Black Bears killed before a judge can rule that the hunt is illegal because it is against Florida's law to kill a Black Bear!

We are painting four signs 100' by 100' placing them around our house.
We shoot Hunters!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman Susan Smith

In other words
In plain English
Sorry we cashed the checks a long time ago

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman Susan Smith said, the hunt must go on so we must defended the commission's ability to approve rule changes in spite of the lawsuit!

Florida Fish and Wildlife begins accepting bear hunting permit applications

Bear hunting season starts end of October

Lawsuit Seeks To Halt Return Of Bear Hunting


The lawsuit doesn't ask for a judge to halt the commission from offering the permits. However, Speak Up Wekiva and groups supporting the lawsuit -- the Sierra Club, the Massachusetts-based Environmental Action, the League of Women Voters of Florida and the Center for Biological Diversity -- want the state agency to suspend permitting until the lawsuit is settled.

"If they do sell the permits, and the hunt is ruled unconstitutional, they'll have to pay everyone back, and that could be very time-consuming," said Chuck O'Neal, a Longwood resident and member of Speak Up Wekiva whose name also appears on the lawsuit.

Smith said permitting remains on schedule to begin Monday.