Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bear Clan Native Americans


Welcome São José do Rio Prêto, Sao Paulo Brazil

To one of our

Black Bear Clan sites

I believe that just about, if not every tribe through-out Indian Country has a

"Bear Clan?"

Our village (tribe) changed the Bear Clan somewhat in the early 1940's thanks in part to a youngster being a youngster.

The land that our Mohiigan's call home has many Black bears also living in and around the land.

We call them our neighbors and they look it is as their land also.

When our ancestors arriver there were many more animals, bears included.

However, since first contact their as with our families have been to a point or almost extinct!

Un-like the Black Bear, we are being called 'extinct' by this government and most Reservation Indians because thousands of our elders/ancestors were declared extinct by either "Rape" or "Marriage and no longer being called "Mohiigan or any other tribe for that matter?"

The Black Bear is systematically becoming extinct because they are in the way!

Come to think about it, so are we?

Do not mistake adaptation and survival with "going extinct".

We are simply learning to beat you at your own game.

The bear family is being extinct because of being killed!

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