Wednesday, July 18, 2018

New Jersey Mug Shot/California Bear swim/Florida locks babies

Police post mug shot of lost dog, bail paid in cookies
Police have some fun with pup.
Tuesday, July 17, 2018
New Jersey Police and lost pug dog jailed

New Jersey police released a mug shot of a runaway pug which went viral and got the dog back to its rightful owner.

California Bear swimming in pool

Wild video: 
Bear caught taking a dip in family's swimming pool

Los Angeles, Calif. — an unexpected guest took a swim in a family swimming pool in Los Angeles.
Californians take pictures of the visit, 
Florida kills the bear!
Florida leaves babies in cars!

Woman charged with child neglect after baby rescued from car in Orange City

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — a woman is spending the night in the Volusia County Jail after good Samaritans found an 8-month-old baby in a hot car, officials said.

911 Call: “There’s a baby in a car and we just opened the door, but don’t know where the people are whose car it is.”

 I had my share of children and many more enjoyed at meetings, gatherings, powwows and Paw-paus.

Many Grand Children and many, many more Great grand children.
At 'No time' do I remember any '8 month old child' 
allowing anyone to forget 
that he/she 
was with any one of us!
Florida seems to be making a habit at this!