Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We are loving our pets to death!

Pet Lovers Beware

Pet medicines now offer flavors of their own

Throughout the years we have found that veterinarians have been prescribing far too many drugs for your pets, just as our doctors have for humans.

When will this stop?

We are loving our pets to death!

Winn-Dixie has joined the ranks of grocery stores with pharmacies that will fill prescriptions for pets and even flavor the drugs.

new flavors, bacon, cheese and chicken

Do you know what is in the medicine to make it flavored bacon, cheese and chicken?

There's plenty of competition in drugs for animals. More than two years ago, Target jumped into the pet medicine market under a special program called PetRX.

Both Sweetbay and Publix now sell crossover medications for animals. Publix specifically offers several antibiotics for free — just as the store does for people.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why people food can harm your pets

10 Common People Foods that Can Kill Your Dog

An Important List of 10 Things to NEVER feed Your Dog












Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Welcome to this blogger while showing your interested in the very best for your baby's ( PETS). Best dog food for Airedale

While on this posting

Are Airedale the best dog?

Hope that you spotted this page


After the loss of our baby ( Sabrina) we both dived full speed into the internet looking for something, anything to help with the hurt!

Of course the only help in the end was (Breanna) however, we did discover many floors in all types of food for pets!

You can and should get the very best for your very best just remember, price should never be your determining factor, just because it cost the most does not make it the best.

On the other hand, cheep food is NEVER the best for you or your baby!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Florida man flies, rescues, his 1,000th animal

By TAMARA LUSH Associated Press The Associated Press

Thursday, June 21, 2012 4:31 AM EDT

A June day, Jeff Bennett flew his plane from the Florida Keys, to Greenville, Ala. His mission: to save 23 dogs destined for death row.

Jeff  Bennett donates his time, fuel and plane to Pilots N Paws, a South Carolina-based charity that enlists small plane pilots to transport animals from overcrowded shelters that have high euthanasia rates to foster homes, rescue groups and less-crowded shelters that don't kill the animals.

On the Greenville trip, Bennett picked up his 1,000th animal.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Homestead Florida

Bad Pet Food From China

Welcome to our blogger and your interest in what is killing our pets, maybe even humans?

Is China still selling this bad products to this country?


However, it is because many of the companies in this country are still buying and selling the bad products !


One must wonder?

Preservatives ETHOXYQUIN


When this was first placed onto our older website interest was a blank, today I see plenty of people looking for answers.

We wrote letters to every official in this country from this president down to the least official in our county,

NOT ONE LETTER BACK from any of them!

Preservatives ETHOXYQUIN

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (Saigon (Sài Gòn)

Welcome to our blogger and your interest in what is killing our pets, maybe even humans?

Preservatives ETHOXYQUIN


When this was first placed onto our older website interest was a blank, today I see plenty of people looking for answers.

We wrote letters to every official in this country from this president down to the least official in our county,

NOT ONE LETTER BACK from any of them!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Laddie Boy is definitely a male dog!

Montreal Quebec Canada

Welcome to the posting about the first Airedale in our Oval office, (the White House).

White house Airedale lady?

White House Pets Laddie Boy (An Airedale)

Laddie Boy is definitely a male dog!

Cave City Kentucky

Del monte dog food china

Is China still selling bad pet food?


However, the bad thing is , many of our American companies know this and are buying this poison food to sell to you anyway!

Wyckoff New Jersey

Welcome to the posting on our bird feeder

kid friendly sqiurrel proof bird feeders

FIRST, My pet (Daddy) told me to tell you that have Native American Blood?

A simple squirrel proof bird feeder?

This setup is still keeping the feeders free for BIRDS ONLY, they do however, help the Doves keep the ground under the feeders clean and clear and this is O K.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Breanna said, "ENOUNG is ENOUGH!"

Threatens to suck Silver Springs dry.

The other day we lost our water pump motor, two days without water?

Florida, how about a life time with no more water!

I believe that our water supply (Aquifer) is now far too over taxed as it is thanks to our  Water Management Districts, let alone another out of state person taking so much more.

 The last thing Silver Springs needs is an additional, dramatic loss of the groundwater that feeds it.

That is what Adena Ranch (a cattle feeding and slaughterhouse operation) wants; and the St. Johns River Water Management District is preparing to give.

Adena Ranch is asking for a permit to withdraw 13.2 million gallons of water per day for 30,000 cattle and a slaughter house -- more water than the daily consumption of the entire City of Ocala, from the aquifer that sustains Florida's most beloved, iconic springs. Please add your name to the list of Floridians who will not sit idly by while the water management district threatens to suck Silver Springs dry.

Water Management Districts are not in the habit of denying consumptive use permits believe me, as a Floridian I know this first hand!

Send your letter now, and be sure to personalize your message - especially if you have a special connection to Florida's unique springs.


Douglas C. Bournique, Lad Daniels, Charles Drake, Maryam H. Ghyabi, Richard G. Hamann, John A. Miklos, George W. Robbins, Fred N. Roberts Jr, W. Leonard Wood

Monday, June 11, 2012

Find cruelty free product testing before you buy

Companies who adhere to the Leaping Bunny Standard have agreed in writing to ban all animal testing throughout the manufacturing process (including ingredients!).

Leaping Bunny requires verifiable assurances from ingredient suppliers, in addition to an unchangeable date after which these ingredients may not be tested on animals.

Signatories must recommit every year, and also be open to independent audits.

Leaping Bunny is the only Standard that guarantees a product free of new animal testing.

Because nearly all ingredients have at one time or another in the past been tested on animals (even water!), we focus on NEW testing from a fixed cut-off date going forward. Otherwise, we just based it on ingredients that weren't tested on ever, no company would ever qualify.

Kim Paschen
Communications Manager
Leaping Bunny Program

Help us reach our goal of 100,000 signatures by Taking the Leap to
go cruelty-free at

Waltham Massachusetts

Welcome to my blogger looking for Airedale problems in hips.

Airedales, German Sheppard's , Border Collies and most any other animal in demand have problems such as hip problems, they have been bred as show dogs for far too long.

Each show demands perfection of the animal, each owner wants pure show, because they are in such a tremendous demand they are mated in family, this is called inbreeding and it is wrong!

Our Breanna will never be a show like her mother and father.

Please do not get me wrong, I enjoy watching those shows as much as anyone however, for the animals sake this needs a change or stop!

Airedales immune system is now so weak that it has problems fighting germ!

Think about the Pharaohs (kings) of Egypt.

They became extinct because of inbreeding ( conquered from within) in other words, they married in family!

Airedale problems in hips

Airedales have problems with their hip.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rochester New Hampshire

Welcome to Breanna’s blogger wondering why we chose to write this posting on

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Crocodile' Dundee's will protect our wildlife in Florida

A few dozen Crocodile' Dundee's arm them on the side of our wildlife, now!

Many of our wildlife in Florida and around the world for that matter, are endangered heading to extinction, so we do not need inconsiderate humans killing just to watch them die or for fun!

AS a traditional American Native, my heart gets crushed every time I see or read in the media about something like the following.

Protect Florida Black Bears

Killing turtles for fun!

One must wonder in prayer, why everyone in this world does not feel the same?

Lady Lake Florida

Welcome to Breanna's blogger looking for information about

Flee from lemonade laundry?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fleas flee from lemonade, laundry soap


The first thing that I did after moving into this house in the country was to redirect the washing machine out of the septic system and into my gardens, then I redirected our dishwasher into its own septic tank!


Because what we wash our cloths in is chemical free and good for the garden, what we wash our dishes in is highly toxic chemicals and bad for the gardens and our septic system, not so great for a city waste system either!

Diatomaceous Earth

This will work in and outside however, I recommend that you read this website and learn a few things before you use it.

We water the lawn (a good soaking) then use a seed spreader, goggles and facemask are a must, I do not care what the manufacture tells you, it is made up of bones and hard on the eyes and your internal body! However, once or twice no more flea's or ants!

Use it on your pets sparingly, recommended to be done out of the house!