Wednesday, July 8, 2015


The state of Florida still has no idea of how many Black Bears are in Florida?

No limit on how many hunting permits are to be sold by the state of Florida starting on August 3rd for a October hunt?

No restrictions of where a hunter is coming from?

No bear hunting in the area where humans refuse to control their trash, stop leaving their pet food out all day and night and/or stop feeding the bears?

The hunters can come to our neighborhood to shoot our bears with a high powered weapon with a silencer.

Do you know how far a bullet can travel fired from someplace around our home/your?

Depending who you ask, between 1 and 15 miles.

Our town is 3.4 square miles and people have been hunting inside of this for years! :-(

What this means to my family and any family in a small town anywhere around this

"Bear Slaughtering Grounds!"

"When anyone gets a gun buys a permit and shoots?"

"We are all in the line of fire from their bullets!"

Guess this does not matter as long as our politicians get their kick-backs?
Our town is a minimum, 45 miles from the towns with a bear problem?

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