Sunday, November 3, 2013

New today Fresh from Florida

Cows have been in Florida since the 15 century.

North America’s first cattle were brought in the 15 century by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon.

So, cattle have been doing their thing all of this time in Florida, ranchers and fertilizer companies have been mixing fertilizer with chemical all this time and run off from watering, rain, and weather, have been dumping into the water of Florida all of the time.

Still, the ‘specialists’ of Florida cannot figure out what has been killing off the animal life, fish and plant life in the waters of Florida?

(water plant food not to be confused with land food).

Makes one ponder many questions about the ‘experts’ of Florida?

This is not counting the lowering of the lakes, rivers, and streams because Florida ‘experts’ are giving the fresh water away to outside bottling companies at an unbelievable fast rate?

So, There are nearly 1 million head of calves and cattle in Florida.

Seven of the nation’s 25 largest cattle ranches are in Florida, according to the Florida Beef Council.

Despite ranking 10th nationally in the number of cattle, Florida ships the majority of them — 700,000 feeder calves, to other states.

However, the leftover from raising cattle remains in the land and waters of Florida?

Beef is a 2 billion dollar industry but will not be on the list is Florida.

Great for the farmers and ranchers.

Stinks for the rest of the people in Florida including our visitor!

Now the farmers and ranchers want to also build slaughter houses and processed plants in Florida?

State department of Aquaculture hopes to made Fresh from Florida for all kinds of food from alligator meat to oranges.

Beef will not be on the list because most cattle raised in Florida are shipped elsewhere to be processed.

Florida cattle ranchers seek locally grown label