Sunday, January 29, 2012

The movie "The Gray"

Mommy & Daddy tell me that the wolf is my ancestor?

If this is true then why did this company make such a nasty movie about my past relations?

As I understand it, my ancestors showed by doing just how a family should act to be able to survive in this world.

My ancestors still do treat their family with the love and protection necessary to survive however, the human family seems to have forgotten this, now they are making out that my family acts like they do, WHY?

Please Boycott the movie The Gray!

My mommy made me a BlogSpot to post my fun, food and travels.

Can you keep a secret?

Royal Oak Michigan


Welcome to the visitor to my blog posting, my daddy made this to help keep track of my new life in a new home.

My mommy also made me a BlogSpot to post my fun, food and travels.

They didn't like it while I was having fun eating dirt, roots, tree bark and such, at my old home so now I have to make believe that I am a fussy eater with all of their yummy food!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Branna hopes you enjoyed your visit?

Ann Arbor Michigan

Breanna hopes that you enjoyed her blog posting with her daddy?

Please come to the blog postings that my mommy and I also enjoy making, they are both about me and my new life in Florida.

An Airedale named Breanna

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome Willie (Airedale) to my blog posting.

AIREDALES BY COOLEAMBER Airedales to live with!

Senegal West Africa

Welcome Willie (Airedale) to my blog posting.

You sure are a handsome guy, too bad you live so far away, we could hook up for a doggie sack or something!

My pets, mommy & daddy each have the job of keeping the world up to date about me as I grow.

Mommy's blog posting site

Thanks to Google and WebRing I get to enjoy many other blog postings.

This is a very good website at WebRing, a very good Airedale website.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Boycott "The Grey" For Its Harmful Depictions of Wolves!

Wolves are not a pack of killing machines running around killing at will, that would be this other bloodthirsty, dangerous killers. called Humans!

Wolves, like all other animals , only kill to feed or protect the family.

This director states that the meat came from dead wolves, how and when did the wolves die?

If these same "actors" decide to remake a movie about Donna Pass, will they be sent human meat to eat?

The movie's subject matter, combined with the actors' unnecessary consumption of real wolf meat, are disrespectful to these native creatures and will perpetuate negative stereotypes of wolves. Please sign the petition to boycott this irresponsible film.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My daddy was in the navy

My daddy was in the navy in the beginning of the Vietnam conflict (war)?

Saint Petersburg Florida

Welcome to the visitor to my USS Betelgeuse website's

Yes, I am now living in central Florida and pleased to see visitors.

If you have any questions about that website, all emails will be answered from ussbetelgeuse at