Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dolphin Deaths is from Virtual smallpox

(1) ~ Virtual infection caused the death of Dolphins along the east coast

(2) ~ A Crocodile ate both of my feet and one hand, so the doctors put a Band-Aid on my head?

So which statement is only half true?

Both statements are only about half true.

Once upon a time a doctor put a Band-Aid on my head.

Some type of virus may have a little to do with all of those animals from New York to the Carolina's deaths.

The whole truth that Scientist, farmers, the Media, lobbyist, chemical companies, and manufactures do not wish to admit is, their polluting the land with chemicals and it is running off into our lakes, streams, rivers and oceans killing not only fish and mammals but the seaweed food that feeds everything from plankton to whales in the chain of life!

Dolphin Deaths Virtual smallpox along the shores of the east coast states our Scientist?

What's killing all those dolphins?

NOAA thinks it's a virus?

The five affected states are

New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. North Carolina has also seen an increase in dolphin stranding, according to NOAA.

As of Sunday, there have been 488 dolphin stranding from New York to North Carolina, more than 300 dolphins above the annual average.

NOAA found that 32 dolphins were either

"suspect or confirmed positive for mobillivirus."

Measles-like virus may be cause of dolphin deaths on US coast

Since July 1, 333 bottlenose dolphins have been found dead along coastlines from New York to North Carolina, the highest number in a quarter-century and almost 10 times the average of 33 for the same period and region over the last five years, according to Teri Rowles of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Number of Farms by State, 2001–2007

The following table shows the number of operating farms in each of the United States.

Number of farms just along the east coast from NY to SC and this is only 2007

This can only report about ones that the census has?

What about the thousands not reported and the chemical companies, paper factories and mills also dumping runoff?
Don't forget about Nuclear, Oil, Gas and Coal power plants their runoff is constant day & night.


Del aware 2,200

Maryland 12,000

New Jersey 9,800

New York 34,200

North Carolina 48,000

South Carolina 24,700

Virginia 47,100

I am including Florida because we are also losing Manatees from this runoff!

And Florida has Sugar Mills.

Florida 40,000 farms.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Brown/Black Labrador Retriever attacked a Black Bear

Lake Mary Seminole County Florida, the home of our wildlife like our beautiful dossal black bears is, like so many counties, being overrun by humans and their unleashed pets.

 Last year an unleashed pet (Labrador Retriever) attacked a black bear wandering around looking for food.

After the unleashed dog annoyed the bear for awhile the bear swiped it out of the way.

This unleashed dog will not try the patience of a bear weighing ten times that of a dog anytime soon?

The unleashed Lab has just enough scratches on its face to learn not to pick a fight with a bear.

If this bear wished, it could have ended the life of the pet however, the bear only wanted the unleashed pet to mind its own business.

Now, as always, the humans want to blame the bear and have it moved or worse. How about not allowing a trouble maker pet to run free?

Black Bear's are being abused one way or another in Seminole county far too much as is.

Remember, our Black Bears are the endangered species, not the Labrador Retriever?

Bear struck by vehicle, killed in Lake Mary

Bear struck, killed on I-4 in Seminole County

Trio of bears seen in Lake Mary tree

The pet was not on a leash, get it?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Threatened gopher tortoises to be relocated

Threatened gopher tortoises to be relocated to make way for Wekiva Trail


Saving these 150 tortoise should not cost $200,00 to relocate?

It is only about a 3 mile stretch of land some 10 feet wide?

If the towns want to spend that much money, save the extra and build that short stretch of trail up a little so that animals can live and/or just go under?

Personnel I would rather be able to enjoy the turtles as with the rest of the wildlife while biking the trail?

This is the reason and seems to be the only reason the professional's can give for spending this much money and terrorizing the poor tortoises?

(Amy Daley of CPH Engineers is in charge of finding the tortoises a new home.

"Well according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Conservation regulations, gopher tortoises are a threatened species here in the state of Florida," Daley said)?

So what, does this mean the only choice in moving them?

I think not.

The proposed Wekiva Trail is to be a 15-mile, multi-use trail that will provide hikers, cyclists and nature enthusiasts a regional connection between Lake, Seminole and Orange Counties, 3 miles for the gopher.

This, I am sure that most of us will agree is a good thing because it will give many more people a safer place to help get healthier without fear of being run over while on a roadway?

Remember that this is a trail and that the 15 miles to be added for connecting towns has many endangered Gopher Tortoises around but for only 3 of those miles?

I say this because it would seem to me that moving them a few feet while building this trail would be more than enough?

Why not build the fence first then the trail?

Any or all power and water lines can run along side of that 3 miles and also up and under for protection of the lines?

This trail will provide a way to the shops, restaurants and cultural destinations of the City of Mount Dora, and connect existing trails to thousands of acres of preservation land and destinations such as Rock Springs Run and the Wekiwa Springs State Park. Construction would extend the trail from Altamonte Springs to the Orange County line near Bear Lake Road and Maitland Boulevard.

You haven't lived until you can sit at the dining room table and just watch Harriett sun herself and/or eat.