Thursday, March 22, 2012

Your animals are not allowed at ANIMAL festival!

Discover and appreciate Florida’s largest land mammal?

Will, that is unless you actually love and have a land mammal and you wish to visit and spend your money, then you, your pet, and your money are not welcome in Umatilla, any part of Umatilla!

Annual Florida Black Bear Festival in Umatilla, Florida.

Your animals are not allowed at this ANIMAL festival!


There mammals are all dead!

Last year, we paid a visit to this little park for about five hours, spent money on food and a pocketbook my better half.

We parked in the handicap spot and passed through the gate without a problem, my job was to walk our puppy and keep her from harm by the other dogs at this festival and there were many!

She walked around speaking about the animals and her animal website and blogger.

Every pet lover that we met was with at least one doggy poop bag, just in case although there is a good pet walk far off and has the only shade at this park.

This year, we called and was told by the festival and the city,


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