Sunday, March 25, 2012

"We believe bears are sacred,"

Native Americans join fight vs. Nevada bear hunt

Blessings from Creator to my brothers and sisters of the Paiute, Washoe and Shoshone tribe’s that are standing up for the beautiful, harmless, Sacred Black Bears around your area.

Thank you from my people and our brothers and sisters from the states of Nevada and Florida, as you may now see, both states have something in Carmon, inconsiderate politicians and wild life management!

A group of Native Americans is joining the fight against Nevada's black bear hunt and criticizing what they call a wildlife official's racist remark about it.

(he didn't want to "hear of bows and arrows")

"We believe bears are sacred," Arthur said, adding her group thinks the state's black bear population is insufficient to sustain a hunt.

Fourteen bears were killed during Nevada's inaugural bear hunt that ended Dec. 31.

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