Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun is fun

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Airedales and Barking

Breanna is also a barking Airedale however, Airedales are very intelligent animals, sometimes a whole lot smarter than many human animals, so the "N" word works well with them.

Get your mind out of that racist mode, one of our groomers said we should never use the "NO" word.

Airedale people also tell me that Airedales do not fetch.

The first two that owned me would never fetch, the male could care less unless it was some kind of food, the female on the other hand would look at you for a few minutes with that eye.

You know that she was saying, "you threw the darn thing, you go get it".

While she was walking away, head and tail held high.

The next Airedale, female would play a little if she was in the mood.

Breanna on the other hand will fetch anytime and do so until your arms fall off, then she will just keep fetching your arms also.

 Too her, fun is fun.

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