Tuesday, March 27, 2012



You may or may not already know this however, just in case this is now a fact of life on the Internet.

If you find a visitor to your website or blog posting from places like Lithuania,Russia,Poland, Indonesia, with words in it like
Drugs,fabpage,indomethacin, serophene,clomid

It is SPAM do not open it!

Can you believe the audacity of sales people?

What type of a Idiot (Sales people) would really believe that if they trick us into going to their extremely over priced useless website then we will run right out and buy whatever it is that they are selling?

Definition of the word Idiot?

They are like politicians and are convinced that if they fool us into opening their junk mail, we will run out and buy their propaganda and or product!

Just who is the foolish one?

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