Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Rodents (Squirrel's) are still coming around

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Minneapolis Minnesota

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Bird feeder setups for squirrel proof

Thank you for the opportunity to once again write an update to this blogger.

A simple squirrel proof bird feeder?

Did you see the picture of the feeder and the Bird bath on the side of this posting?

The Rodents (Squirrel's) are still coming around however, they are now extremely skittish!

Some now have shorter tails because they run up the pole and the fly tape grabs them and they are off into the woods for a few days.

I have no problem feeding them but they would not eat the food put out for them until the bird feed was all gone so this is the reason for my feeder/bird baths.

We are now into our 2nd and 3rd generation families of different birds and enjoy watching much more then they enjoy the food and clean water.

Please always remember to keep the fly trap paper below the feeder and the bath because birds are real fond of their feathers.

Also remember a bird feeder can be lunch for a bird of prey so lots of bushes and flowers are a hiding place while not drinking, bathing and eating!

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