Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pink Slime, you be the judge part 2!

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

My dear Teds8910 no reply

I know what a centrifuge is (I worked for years at Pfizer chemical) and what it does, I did not go into it because 99% of my readers, like me, do not care that it is a separator!

"pink slime" does exist. no matter what you wish to call it!

No one need to see YouTube to show Pink Slime, we have all seen it many times!

I work on electrical, mechanical and the production for 33 1/2 years!

That and a buck will get you a cup of coffee at most restaurants, so what!

As for 100% USDA inspected beef., everyone in the world knows about inspectors and how and why they know every lobbyist in the business, enough said!

Your comment on No bones, (no organs, no tendons, no scraps, no fillers and no additives, (Both are 100% ground beef).

First thing, if your beef is in fact 100%, beef, why is there so much water in a frying pan while cooking and what is that hard whitish stuff I keep chewing while eating it?

the "unspoken chemicals". Ammonium Hydroxide If you are saying that you only use this extremely dangerous ammonium hydroxide and nothing else then you must want us to believe that the product separates itself in your machine?


Your comment about, It is in many, many foods, Yes it is, does this make it right?


Your Welcome!

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