Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Women, I am on your side :-(

It looks like the men in the NRA are looking for a war with our women?
National Rifle Association (NRA) there are currently 4.3 million members nationwide in this country.
There are about 150 million women in this country, about 15 million own a gun.
Have you ever seen what happens if one tries to stand between a female and her babies?
It's not a pretty sight.
I am not coward, but I am also not a fool!
Let's see who has the better plan and is going to win this war?
Our women want to remove all assault and weapons of mass destruction from this country.
The NRA wants to put a hand full of men with assault weapons in every school in this country, to battle with one or more nutcase's with many weapons in our schools.
So those nutcases now go to our movie theaters, the NRC put a hand full of men with assault weapons in every movie theater in this country. So those nutcases now go to our airports, bus stations, train station, the NRA counters with a hand full of men with assault weapons.
The nutcases move to Wal Mart, Target and grocery stores, and on and on and on.
So, who wins this or any war?
The NRA members that are selling weapons of course!
If you feel the need to own a hand gun for protection so be it.
If you buy, sell or carry any assault weapon or weapon of mass destruction you go to jail for life for attempted murder and accessory to murder.

In the news today- Afghanistan: Woman who killed American is Iranian
This was a horrible thing however, it was one shot, with one pistol, one bullet, that killed one person not the whole police station.
Nargas walked into a heavily-guarded compound in the heart of Kabul, confronted Griffin and gunned him down with a single pistol bullet.

William Spengler liked ‘killing people
William Spengler, brought plenty of ammunition with him for three weapons including a military-style assault rifle as he set out on a quest to burn down his neighborhood just before sunrise on Christmas Eve.
Killer of 2 NY firemen left chilling note saying he liked ‘killing people,’ death toll now 3

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