Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Gentle Giants

I wanted to write something about my very nosy neighbor, the Manatees, however it did not seem to be the right time to complain about their abuse after what had just happened in a little close nit school tucked away in my beautiful state of Connecticut.
Unfortunately this cannot be put off for long.
In my other beautiful state of Florida we have many part time visitors and full time retired people that we welcome each winter.
Most of our visitors and retirees are just like me, wanting or needing to get away from what winter brings in a northern state, it is called OLD AGE.
A very small group of these people that we must call human also come?
The only thing on their minds, they have no heart, is come to have their fun at any cost!
They come to kill our animals, cut down our endangered trees, fish only for sport, they throw the fish back to die a slow death no longer being able to eat. However, we must draw the line with our Endangered Gentle Giants!
As a Snow Bird I remember going to the Blue Spring state park and getting into the water with the Manatees. Fear, then interest crept in as one by one these nosy loving giants touched and caressed every human in the water at no time were we in any danger.
I found out that we were not in danger, it was determined that they were, so no more swimming at Blue Springs!
Over on this side of the country we have people boating over our Manatees just because they are getting in the way of their fun!
These intruders have hired an attorney from California to help them remove the protection for our Gentle Giants!
One would rightly guess that they could not find an attorney in any state that knows of these beautiful mammals!
My greatest fear is "What happens when the thrill of the kill wears off with killing animals and fish, what or who do they kill next"?

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