Monday, April 2, 2012


Few right whale calves spotted as season ends

Scientists spotted just six calves born to right whales during the winter, making it one of the poorest calving seasons for the endangered marine mammals in a decade, the average of 20 per year for the last decade

A food shortage in 2010 in the Bay of Fundy off Nova Scotia of the tiny zooplankton that are a main food source for right whales could have affect births this past winter

Only about 400 right whales remain, making each birth significant to the species survival,

( ) researchers suspect one of the six calves died soon after it was born.

They say its mother, identified by fingerprint-like markings on her head, in previous years gave birth to two calves that also die.

Knowing this our Pompous, Arrogant, Inconsiderate, Bully, the United States Navy is, ever though it was halted by a court order, building a $100 million offshore training range a.

The Navy wants to install an undersea array of cables and sensors for training warships, submarines and aircraft about 50 miles off the Atlantic coast of southern Georgia and northern Florida. Environmentalists have sued to block the project, saying it's too close to waters where right whales migrate near shore each winter to birth their calves.

This will officially finish off this extremely, endangered, beautiful, whale species!

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