Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Jurassic Park bill"

Despite veto, Florida habitats still in jeopardy

By Bill Maxwell

As a long time follow of Mr. Maxwell I assume that someday you may get tired of my quoting him?

Oh Well, get over it because he is spot on once again!

I know that the bill was vetoed please read on to see why?

Florida's shortsightedness and greed have always guided our leaders. they have been responsible for paving over our grasslands, butchering our mangroves, backfilling our swamps, gouging our shorelines, damming our rivers and bulldozing our trees, other than that they are just your Norman politicians.

Now ever though our governor has vetoed this, as bill has put it, "Jurassic Park bill"

Gov. Rick Scott believes state law already allows the governor, Cabinet and the five water management districts to lease state lands for purposes deemed constitutional.


This is the man that is in office to help save this state?

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