Saturday, April 7, 2012

Airedale dog on steam engine photo.

San Diego California

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Airedale dog on steam engine photo.

On this trip over to the lake Breanna did not go on the train, she wanted nothing to do with that big thing.

We stopped in at Al's Landing for diner out on their patio, pet friendly, we could see the boats, the seaplanes landing and taking off and some came right up on land into a parking lot.

However, when this old wood stoker train passed by about 50 feet from our table she lost it and just had to give that thing a big WHAT FOR!

Funniest thing you could ever see.

Today we drove by the tracks, when she saw it again she just had to let it know not to come into the car or else! LOL

Thanks again for the visit Happy Easter!

God Bless

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