Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pet safety.

If you are living in Florida you already know this, if you are a visitor, this may help you and your pet.

Come on down, Florida has so many great things to offer you that you will not be able to enjoy them all in one vacation, not to worry, come back soon.

However, for your pets sake please remember, this is the tropics!

How to help pets have a happy, safe holidays.

Let’s start with a nice story about pets.

Pet safety.

Photos: Florida's venomous snakes.

Not many of Florida’s snakes are poisonous however, you should know the ones that are.

Water Moccasins do not like pets splashing around in their part of the water ways so be careful where you wish to play.,0,626068.photogallery

Alligators eat pets and people.

Living with Alligators: A Florida Reality

If you and your pet must swim in our lakes and rivers it is best to do so in the middle, the shore area is their dinner table!

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