Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween Breanna

This past Halloween was Breanna's 2nd.

On this one, as with the 1st, we put her harness with a long leash on her. If not she would knock the little gobblers down and love on them.

However, this holiday as with the one last year she did the Airedale belly crawl across the dining room floor all the way to the front door, at least of the first few visitors.

For those of you that do not have Airedales I would love to show you the Airedale Belly Crawl however, there were only two of us, so not enough hands for a camera.

Think about boot camp, you are crawling under barbwire and your sergeant is shooting live ammunition over your head.

Once she saw that they were getting candy and she was not, she then got into the holiday spirit big time.

One of us would hand out the candy, talk to the children and the other would get a death grip on her leash and slowly let it out until every child could pet and love on her.

For her, the only thing bad thing about a holiday is, at sometime it had to be over.

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