Thursday, June 11, 2015

Humane Society speaks out against bear hunting in Florida

Humane Society speaks out against bear hunting in Florida
Posted: 4:24 p.m. Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Members of the Humane Society said the bears that would be targeted with the hunt wouldn’t be the bears that have made their way into neighborhoods, so the hunt would likely kill the wrong bears.

“Now, we are going into the woods and killing the ones that didn’t even get in the trash or cause a problem,” said Laura Bevan, of the Humane Society.

I say,

If ever there was a time when I wished to be wrong this would be the one at the top of the list!

Like I said, the Fish and Wild life money hungry people are going to have their time to shoot to kill innocent Black Bears that are nowhere near the humans that are not controlling their trash.

Instead they will be coming to our back yard

(The Ocala National Forest) and other wooded areas, to kill our innocent neighbors, our Black Bears?

Just a short time ago 'Nick Wiley, FWC executive Director', guaranteed us that there would not be a bear hunt in Florida, guess this was because his pockets were empty?

Or, of course he is just another bold face lying Florida official?

Either way our friendly Black Bears around our neighborhood, a neighbor that is not causing problem, will be the losers!

“Hunting is the best tool that we have right now to manage the population and stabilize the growth of the population,” said Diana Eggeman, of the Florida Wildlife Commission.

But the Humane Society disagrees and said it’s a people-problem, as more development is built on bear territory and by putting out food for them in trash cans that aren’t considered bear-proof.

“This is ridiculous. We need to focus on the problem. The problem is the bears that are being attracted into the neighborhoods. If we stop that, we stop the problem,” said Bevan.

But FWC said the hunt will help reduce close encounters.

FWC will make the final decision in two weeks.

If so, the hunt will be approved for three forests, including the Ocala National Forest

What we need to do is hand out large fines the people feeding bears and not locking their trash and the bear problem will go away?

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