Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Bird Feeder

New Feeder is up and open for feeding frenzy

I just replaced the old junk test Bird Feeder with a newer one painted for looks.

The sun is over the roof so it is impossible to get a picture on the outside looking at it with the window behind it today.

This one is inside looking through the screen, sorry.

It is hanging over our kitchen window.

I was worried about our song birds finding it and if they would give it a try, our crazy birds (we call the Nuthatch, Sparrows, Finch and Chickadees crazy because they come get one seed fly to a tree eat it and fly back 15 to 20's at each feeding, screaming while in flight)?

Darn we have to watch this go on all day long. :-)

No problem, as soon as I arrived inside, took the picture and was transferring over to the computed, all of the song birds came calling.

I installed a new thicker pole 7/8's PVC, it is 4' long.

The hooks drops down 12" to the upside down painted bucket with a painted Greek Yogurt cup inside that is real unstable to stand on for my buddy the squirrel.

I painted them two days ago.

Another 15" down to my two new feeder holder for the pigs, I mean birds.

Two water jugs with only one side cut open high enough for seeds, wide enough for the birds to feel safe while eating and the squirrel cannot get in from the back.

We get to watch from the kitchen through the window and through the back side of the jugs, a win, win all around because the old bird feeders are far away hanging as a squirrel feeder.

Oh I almost forgot about the guaranteed to work squirrel proof bird feeder that Mother-in Law bought me last year, NOT.

It took NoTail 5 minute to find and feed off of it.

I cut it into pieces to make a landing for the Blue jays, Cardinals, Doves, and our one crow George.

The rest of the birds should be back after the cold weather.

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