Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Brown/Black Labrador Retriever attacked a Black Bear

Lake Mary Seminole County Florida, the home of our wildlife like our beautiful dossal black bears is, like so many counties, being overrun by humans and their unleashed pets.

 Last year an unleashed pet (Labrador Retriever) attacked a black bear wandering around looking for food.

After the unleashed dog annoyed the bear for awhile the bear swiped it out of the way.

This unleashed dog will not try the patience of a bear weighing ten times that of a dog anytime soon?

The unleashed Lab has just enough scratches on its face to learn not to pick a fight with a bear.

If this bear wished, it could have ended the life of the pet however, the bear only wanted the unleashed pet to mind its own business.

Now, as always, the humans want to blame the bear and have it moved or worse. How about not allowing a trouble maker pet to run free?

Black Bear's are being abused one way or another in Seminole county far too much as is.

Remember, our Black Bears are the endangered species, not the Labrador Retriever?

Bear struck by vehicle, killed in Lake Mary

Bear struck, killed on I-4 in Seminole County

Trio of bears seen in Lake Mary tree

The pet was not on a leash, get it?

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