Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We are loving our pets to death!

Pet Lovers Beware

Pet medicines now offer flavors of their own

Throughout the years we have found that veterinarians have been prescribing far too many drugs for your pets, just as our doctors have for humans.

When will this stop?

We are loving our pets to death!

Winn-Dixie has joined the ranks of grocery stores with pharmacies that will fill prescriptions for pets and even flavor the drugs.

new flavors, bacon, cheese and chicken

Do you know what is in the medicine to make it flavored bacon, cheese and chicken?

There's plenty of competition in drugs for animals. More than two years ago, Target jumped into the pet medicine market under a special program called PetRX.

Both Sweetbay and Publix now sell crossover medications for animals. Publix specifically offers several antibiotics for free — just as the store does for people.

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