Saturday, June 16, 2012

Breanna said, "ENOUNG is ENOUGH!"

Threatens to suck Silver Springs dry.

The other day we lost our water pump motor, two days without water?

Florida, how about a life time with no more water!

I believe that our water supply (Aquifer) is now far too over taxed as it is thanks to our  Water Management Districts, let alone another out of state person taking so much more.

 The last thing Silver Springs needs is an additional, dramatic loss of the groundwater that feeds it.

That is what Adena Ranch (a cattle feeding and slaughterhouse operation) wants; and the St. Johns River Water Management District is preparing to give.

Adena Ranch is asking for a permit to withdraw 13.2 million gallons of water per day for 30,000 cattle and a slaughter house -- more water than the daily consumption of the entire City of Ocala, from the aquifer that sustains Florida's most beloved, iconic springs. Please add your name to the list of Floridians who will not sit idly by while the water management district threatens to suck Silver Springs dry.

Water Management Districts are not in the habit of denying consumptive use permits believe me, as a Floridian I know this first hand!

Send your letter now, and be sure to personalize your message - especially if you have a special connection to Florida's unique springs.


Douglas C. Bournique, Lad Daniels, Charles Drake, Maryam H. Ghyabi, Richard G. Hamann, John A. Miklos, George W. Robbins, Fred N. Roberts Jr, W. Leonard Wood

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