Friday, September 20, 2019

Welcome to Singapore, Singapore

Welcome to Singapore, Singapore
Your question was, “is pet waste fertilizer”?
My honest answer is ‘Yes and No!
You came to this site at
Do not fertilize your garden with pet waste
Sunday, February 24, 2019
Be very careful with this, your life might depend on it’!
Because, as with humans, pet food has meat in it and/or chemicals.
For instance, we go out of our way to take care as to what we give
So no meat and working hard at limiting chemicals, as you can see by reading their menus.
And still would not use their waste in our gardens.
You did find this on your quest for an answer.
Lawn fertilizer, pet waste pointed to as pollutant in 7 watersheds. Household nitrogen fertilizer use in particular is more than 10 times greater than commercial fertilizer use by golf courses, college campuses and other nonresidential locations, and pet waste is the leading source of phosphorus to these watersheds.
Any more question, please ask?

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