Sunday, April 28, 2013

It seems that it is that time again?

First, I wish to thank Mr. Richard Foster of Umatilla for the beautiful letter to the Editor in the Voices section of today's paper the Daily Commercial, 04/28/2013 (Florida Black Bear still in dire strait) and a "Shame of you" to the greedy inconsiderate writer on the same page just worried about where the money for the hunting will go?

The hunters in Florida are once again getting antsy, guns are all spit shined and ready to go, ammo is piling up, the price of targets is climbing and not enough defenseless animals to shoot! Darn, it is against the law for them to shoot each other, or is it?

The FWC (the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) for some reason known only to the Commissioners and the hunters, is once again trying to take the Black Bear off of our Endangered Species list?

Besides the facts that it is not that there are too many bears but too many humans in their hometowns, who is going to tell my neighbors our Black Bear Family, that gives this neighborhood such joy in the morning and late afternoon as they pass by on their way to breakfast and back again from diner, that their days are numbered once again?

You see, this family lost their dad, her husband, to a careless driver traveling too fast for the 40 MPH speed limit through our town!

Not only did they lose their daddy, now you want to take away their mommy or maybe take the total family away from our neighborhood, just so a hunter can enjoy shooting something?

By the way, what is going to happen to the three bear cubs if you now shoot their mother?

Never mind, I already know, been there seen that!


Florida Black Bears May Be Removed From Endangered List

Matthew Schwartz, executive director of South Florida Wildlands Association, disagrees with the FWC and questions its methodology deciding the bear is no longer endangered.


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