Sunday, March 10, 2013

A time to love life!

Thank you God (Creator) for a heart to see and eyes to enjoy.

One should learn to love the life of retirement when, while sitting at the table every morning sun up and evening sun down, half into the computer enjoying reading about your blogger friends and their writing and half looking out the window at nature in all of her beauty while waiting the start of a work day, Bird feeders and bird baths to re fill and a garden to get ready for planting, when cars, trucks and our visiting motorcycles slow or stop while nature passes by. This is called Bike-Week in Daytona Beach Florida, a time when bikers from around the world come to enjoy our sun and beaches. It would seem that my neighbors, the Black Bear Family, do not care about our day light saving time, they and their ancestors have been crossing this road using their built in clocks since long before there was a road. This morning a parade of bikes shut down the road to allow nature to do her thing, they all shut off their bikes, bikes that are already quiet, and just watched until the family were well out of sight and on their way looking for breakfast. That in itself is a beauty of nature when a group of, so called ruff men, a faults statement, get to stop and enjoy natures time. Retirement, somebody's got to do it so I do my part. :-)

Life is good!

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