Friday, August 10, 2012

University of Connecticut Storrs

Welcome UCONN
University of Connecticut Storrs Mansfield Connecticut
To my old tripod Breanna's WebRing site
What is WebRing?
I lives in the area and would repair that old heating system at the University once in a while when there was big problems.
I would always drop the change in that old donation contained back in the late 60s early 70s while working on the system, been a big fan ever since.
Later on we would stop by to speak on native Spirituality until the old ticker started acting up
Had to move to the Ocala Florida a few years ago so I do not get to see many games or meet the young adult.
I see Geno is still Geno!
Can't seem to find out how Coach Calhoun is doing?
However, I am well pleased with my UCONN students.
Sachem Walkingfox

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