Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Military got it right, well almost.

We are doing a great job now at Green Energy, it is time to take bigger steps.

What we use to call the middle class is now the unemployed or homeless class.

This country is broke and our people are hurting.

This government, federal and state democrat and republican and our military must come together like we did after WW-2.

Waste to electricity, what a concept?

Our utilities are WW-2 outdated.

Every month the average American throws away over 33 pounds of food.

At this time we are planting most of this waste into the ground called landfills to wonder just what to do with it when we run out of this land?

Just by updating our landfills and our incinerators to state of the arts power plants we can employ almost if not all of our people and our companies will make money doing this.

By building waste to energy plants on our landfills and converting our incinerators to making power from waste.
Less dependence on coal, oil and gas!

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